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Book Scouting Info, Software, Tools, and Scanner

Why book scout for Cash4Books?

  • Money making potential - If you buy a used book for 25 cents, and we offer $5.25, then you have just profited $5.00, as long as the book meets our condition requirements. View an example of prices we pay, on our example 500 list.
  • A BIG buy list - Our book scouting buy list consists of 300,000 to 350,000 titles at any given time.
  • Fast Payment - We pay you via PayPal, or check within one business day of processing and inspecting your books.
  • Be your own boss - You decide when and where to do your book scouting.
  • Free - Registration is free, and we pay the shipping to mail the books to our facility, using our pre-paid labels. There is also no fee to use our services.
  • No commitment - There is no minimum number of books required. Scout as much or as little as you wish.
  • Partner with a great company - Read about us, and also read our story.

Tools & Tips

  • Book Scout Scanner - Our apps are FREE to download and simple to use. Our iPhone app and Android app both have a barcode scanner. Our goal is to provide this free software to give our scouts the needed tools to be successful at book scouting. Use the in-app barcode scanner to instantly price books from anyplace you receive an internet connection.
  • Buddy System - If you don't have an iPhone or Android, consider using the buddy system. One person stays at home signed in to Cash4Books, and the scout calls in ISBN numbers.
  • Mobile Page for your phone or PDA - Use an Internet-enabled PDA and the mobile page available at Many cell phones are also compatible: check with your cell phone provider for details. If you use a cell phone, be advised that you may be charged minutes: check with your cell phone provider. Also: we recommend setting your phone to "123" mode for easy entry.