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May 6, 2013

Click Clutter into Cash, with Andrea Woroch
Pays you between 57 cents and $120 per used book. How much you get depends on weight, how quickly it is expected to sell and how many copies are already in the company warehouse. College textbooks and technical books, which are more likely to pay top dollar than, say, paperback novels. SIMPLE - THEY PAY FOR SHIPPING.

Andrea Woroch, Marie on the Hallmark Channel

CBS 8 San Diego

April 27, 2012

Ways to Make Quick Cash: Sell books by the box-full

Forget yard sales and dusty old shops—there's a better way make money off those books that are just getting dusty on your bookshelf, without ever having to leave home.

And you can sell your books by the box-full, in one easy shipment, instead of painstakingly listing each title on Amazon, then shipping to different buyers.

The website gives you cash back for your new or used books. Shipping is free and there are no fees to become a member of the website.

You enter the book's ISBN number (usually found on the back cover) and the website will give you a price, or tell you sorry, they're not buying a particular title. You can enter up to five ISBN numbers at a time, streamlining your selling process.

When you're ready to ship, just print the pre-paid label, pack your box of books, and drop it in the mail. The website ships via USPS or FedEx.

After they've received your shipment, Cash4Books will mail you a check.

You can follow all of Marcella's reports from her series "Ways to Make Quick Cash" at

Marcella, CBS 8 San Diego

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October 6, 2011

Need Money? Try These Offbeat Ways To Make Cash

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker has the inside scoop on how to make some extra cash without much effort. Looking to make some extra money, Charrise Ouska-Willkommen is holding her annual garage sale. Books are a bargain at 25 cents apiece. But Ouska-Willkommen could make much more with an app called cash4books.

She simply scans the bar code on the book and up pops the price.

"Fifty cents? That's more than I was selling it for," Ouska-Willkommen says.

The extra cash is pure profit because the company pays for shipping.

Dorothy Tucker, CBS 2 Chicago

Cash4books featured on Th

January 10, 2011

Best Sites to Sell Clutter for Cash

How about books? Reselling textbooks isn't limited to just college students looking to recoup a few bucks... All you need to do is type in the ISBN number for a quote, print and mail using the label they supply and wait for your check. is another option for selling your books. In addition to paying your shipping fees, they also deposit the money into your PayPal account.

LaToya Drake, The Early Show, CBS

100 Best Companies to Wor

December 16, 2010

100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon, 2011

Great cultures come in small packages! and named #18 in Oregon's 100 Best Companies to Work For (medium size companies).

Oregon Business magazine selected us as a top 100 Oregon employer based on confidential employee surveys and a benefits report.

This recognition is a direct result of employee opinions about how they align with our mission and core values, the day-to-day opportunities for collaboration and innovation, the ways in which the company provides rewards, and the commitment to sustainability.

Small, medium, and large businesses are acknowledged. The rankings were announced March 3, 2011 and full results in each category published in the magazine's March 2011 edition.

Oregon Business Magazine, Oregon Business Magazine

AARP article about sellin

July 8, 2010


#17 - Sell your books. At you type in an unwanted book's ISBN number to get an offer. If you like what you see, fill out a prepaid mailing label, box the books and send them off. Payment comes by check or as a credit to your PayPal account.

Tauren Dyson, Cathie Gandel, Joan Rattner Heilman,, AARP Bulletin logo

August 31, 2009

Find Money Hidden in Every Home

"John and Rebecca have to go on a cash diet. I mean everything, from food to eating out. They have to get rid of the plastic," says money guru Mary Hunt.

She gives tips for generating cash as she tours their house. After seeing their closets, Mary recommends they sell or swap some of their designer clothes, leather jackets, handbags and shoes. She recommends Web sites like,, and They could also sell used books at

Mary Hunt, Dr. Phil show

ABC 7 News, San Francisco

July 13, 2009

Make quick cash by selling books online

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you're looking for ways to make extra money, there may be a good source of income gathering dust in your bookcase.

Alyvia Plummer gets very attached to her books. It started when she was a kid and her grandfather kept giving them as gifts. "He said every book I give you, if you read it, I'll give you $100," said Plummer. That grew into a passion for reading and collecting books -- like the British Harry Potter first editions.

But now as a struggling art student and with no one paying her to read, she can't help looking at her bulging book collection as a potential goldmine, especially when she found the website It offered pretty good money for dusty old books -- up to $15 each. "They took a lot of the books that a used bookstore wouldn't take," said Plummer.

It works like this: you type in the book's ISBN number. The site tells you how much it will pay, you ship it and get a check. Cash4Books even covers shipping costs. 7 On Your Side tried it out and got varying results. A Julia Child autobiography retails for $25, on the site it fetches just 93 cents. The thriller "Language of Bees" retails for $25 and the website offers $5.23.

"One, will I ever read it again, two, does it mean anything to me and three, does it look pretty," said Plummer. Plummer says it's all about cashing in when you need to. The hard thing is letting go of favorites like a novel about Dracula, but she sold a favorite book about old England. "It was like 13 bucks they were going to give me so I had to get rid of it," said Plummer.

Cash4Books has a good Better Business Bureau rating, but there are a few words of caution: It won't pay for books that arrive in poor condition, such as having water damage, or missing pages. There are some books it won't accept at all, like international textbooks. Even if she would part with them, Cash4Books wouldn't buy Plummer's British version of Harry Potter.

But it did want her textbooks. She sold nine in all and got about $50 just when she needed it most. "Groceries I think, it was either groceries or gas," said Plummer.

Michael Finney, ABC 7 News, San Francisco

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March 19, 2009

9 Ways To Boost Your Income

You may remember from a past column how to get cash for your books at Let's review: Just type in the book's ISBN number (on the back cover or on the copyright page in the front), and see if you can get cash. Complete the transaction online, print out a prepaid mailing label, pack up those books and send them in. In just a few days you'll either receive a check in the mail or a deposit to your PayPal account. Once you've run out of likely candidates from your own shelves, scour garage sales and thrift shops. If you've got an Internet-enabled PDA, you can look up books at as you shop.
Caution: While you might hit the jackpot at a garage or estate sale, keep in mind there are condition requirements, so get familiar with them before you head out.
The Boost: You could easily find that is offering $5.25 for a book you can buy for a quarter.

Mary Hunt, Woman's Day

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January 13, 2009

Making extra money without getting a second job

Sell your extra books. I'm a book fiend, a book addict, a book enthusiast. My family has come close to staging interventions for me over my first-edition addiction, but I culled through my collection and made about $200 selling some of them to Cash4Books instead. Cash4Books accepts audiobooks and text books as well as softcovers and hardback tomes, and they even pay shipping -- type in the ISBN (above the barcode) to see if they're buying what you want to sell.

Lylah M. Alphonse, Shine from YAHOO!

CBS Affiliate WBZ Boston

December 3, 2008

Learn How To Trade In Your Old Books For Cash

We decided to give it a try, taking a stack of old books we found lying around. Within minutes, we had just over $14. One note of caution: the site won't take every book. We had one paperback in our pile that they were not interested in buying.... A portion of the company's profits are funneled back into classroom projects.

Paula Ebben, CBS Affiliate WBZ Boston

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November 25, 2008

How to make money...and save money online

Tired of your old books sitting around the house collecting dust? Why not make some money off of them? The website will buy your books. You enter your books' ISBN number and the site will give you an estimate of how much it's worth. You ship it. They send a check.

Kerry Kavanaugh, ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida

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November 13, 2008

Savings Survival Guide: Making & Saving Money on the Web

If you've got books in good condition that you no longer want, you may be able to sell them at Here's what you do: type in the book's ISBN numbers, which are typically found on the back cover or on the copyright page. The site will tell you how much it will pay you for that book. If you like what you see, complete the transaction online, then print out a prepaid mailing label. Pack up your books and send them in. You'll get a check in just a few days.

Kelli Warner, KMTR NewsSource 16

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November 7, 2008

Your Used Books Can Generate Cash

A lot of people have books sitting around the house, gathering dust. If you're not going to read them again why not make some money off them? It's just another way CBS 2's Anne State found to "stretch your dollar."

Take a tour of Kameran Austermann's home and you will find books — here, there and everywhere. It's a problem. "We just don't have a lot of room to keep the books," she said. Kameran's mom told her about a Website called "Cash 4 Books." The site buys used books. Kameran said it's easy: She sits at her computer, enters the code on the back of the books and the Website tells her how much they're worth. "I sold 17 books and I think I got just over $40," she said. Kameran says she doesn't have to pay for shipping. She just prints out a mailing label, boxes up the books and heads to the post office. "It's tough economic times, and I think it's a great way to kind of clean out your closets and recycle your books and put a little money in your pocket," she said.

Anne State, CBS 2 Chicago

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October 22, 2008

Online book store

One of the big advantages of selling your books through is that they pay for you to ship the books to them.

You go to their website, type in the ISBN number on the back of the book above the barcode, and the company will quickly let you know if they are buying that book and at what price. You print a packing list, and a mailing label. The company pays for the shipping.

Lisa Balick, KOIN 6 News

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August 11, 2008

11 Easy Ways to Save Money

Gather Your Books

Do you have books in good condition? Go to, type in the books' ISBN numbers (which you'll find on the back cover or on the copyright page in the front of the books), and see if you can get cash for them. Complete the transaction online, print out a prepaid mailing label, pack up those books and send them in. In just a few days you will either receive a check in the mail or a deposit to your PayPal account. You won't pay a cent-not even for postage.

Show me the money.

The first time Emily Towne of Prairie Home, Missouri, tried this system, she sold six books and received a check for $42.30. Your humble columnist has been cleaning out her burgeoning library, pocketing more than $200 so far.

Mary Hunt, Woman's Day