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  1. We specialize in used books. You can be sure that you're getting a bargain when you shop with us!
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  5. McKenzie Books is about more than just profits. Our favorite non-profit to give to is We love to support public schools and reading programs.
  6. By shopping with us, you are supporting a local small business.
  7. We are proud to make efforts towards being a green business, and respecting our environment. Please remember that just the act of buying and selling used books is a form of recycling! reviews on

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Our mission is 2 fold:

  1. is dedicated to enhancing lives by offering educational and entertainment value through quality used and new books. We aim to provide the highest quality customer relations by offering convenience, a reasonable price, accurate descriptions, quality packaging, and timely delivery.
  2. is committed to providing a simple, secure, and convenient way for anyone to sell their books to us with confidence and receive instant price quotes, fast payment, and exceptional customer service.