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Easy ways to save money by going green

I recently received a Google Alert on “ways to save money”. A series of articles on helium.com titled Easy ways to save money by going green caught my attention right away. That’s what the Green Frugal is all about!

You can certainly read the full articles, but for your convenience I’ve condensed it down to three things that I thought were of particular interest.  Here they are:

“Instead of buying all sorts of fancy dusting sprays, use Murphy’s Oil soap and dilute it with some water and put it in a spray bottle. That will last you a long time, remove dust easily, be safe on any surface and not fill your air with a ton of chemicals in the process. ”

“A great way to conserve water in your bathrooms is to put a 2 quart soda bottle filled with water inside of the toilet tank.  This will save on the amount of water that is used each time the toilet is flushed.” (I just did this today, in my house. Tip: put a few rocks in the soda bottle, or else you may have a floatation device. A 2 quart soda bottle is equivalent to 64 ounces.  If this seems a bit large to you, then you can always start with a 20 ounce… or maybe two 20’s.)

“Look at the way things are packaged – You may not have noticed, but things that are packaged in fancy packaging and/or boxes tend to cost more than things you can buy in plain bags. Some manufacturers even make a point of using plastic food bags that are made from recycled materials. “