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Cash4Books Employees Volunteer To Clean The Tualatin River

Cash4Books Employees Volunteer Event with The Tualatin Riverkeepers


On Saturday, September 23 more than 20 Cash4Books employees, friends and family members helped the Tualatin Rivekeepers clean the waters and banks of the Tualatin River. This was our second year participating in a cleanup event on the Tualatin and we were more than happy to help out again this year!

Although the day started out foggy and overcast, the instant we hit the water the clouds parted and the sun shone down upon us. Which was a very good thing, as the large amount of rain we received this year made the water of the Tualatin the color of dark chocolate milk. Without that sun illuminating the murky depths of the river we never would have seen the shopping carts, lounge chairs, couches, the back seat of a car, a teddy bear, an exercise ball, a sawhorse, etc.



As you can see from this photo, there was plenty for us to do. And this is only from about a mile stretch of a river that runs 83 miles!

We want to thank The Tualtin Riverkeepers for their efforts in keeping the river clean and usable for all forms of life (including humans!). We are happy to support them, and if you live in the area we highly recommend you head over to their website to check out and support their current projects.  If you don’t live near the Tualatin, there’s no need to feel left out; there is probably a river near you that needs help too!

Volunteer Events

UPDATE: Congratulations to our DonorsChoose gift card winner, Andrea Lisa Lopes!

And thank you to all who shared their volunteer experiences and ideas. It is great to hear that so many of our readers are involved in helping out their communities. It is truly inspiring!

This coming Sunday, the team here at Cash4Books.net is going to a volunteer event where we will help to clean up Cathedral Park in Portland, OR. Stay tuned for more details about our experience!

Cathedral Park - Portland, OR

We can't wait to help clean-up beautiful Cathedral Park! Photo Credit: iadk, Flicker

This got me thinking about the many benefits of summer volunteer events. You can get your whole family outside and actually enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Additionally, if you pick the right volunteer event you can actually get yourself and your family some decent exercise. I know I was pretty sore after one of our previous volunteer events. Finally and perhaps most importantly, you are able to give back to the community!

We’d like to hear from you about summer volunteer event ideas that are great for the whole family. Or let us know about a previous volunteer event that you enjoyed. We’ll pick our favorite and the winner will get a $100 Donors Choose gift card!

Cash4Books Gives Back to Oregon Food Bank

Sort.  Box.  Pass. Toss. Weigh. Store.

On Saturday, December 11th, ten Cash4Books employees worked with the Oregon Food Bank sorting boxed, canned, and other food items into categories for distribution. Team members served as sorters, tapers, and washers. Some even worked on the conveyor, back line, scale and putting cases away. Together, with other volunteers, our team helped to pack 10,481 pounds of salvaged goods. This amounted to 8,062 meals for people in need, or an individual contribution of 268 meals on the table this week.

Although a ton of fun, the experience was much more physical than our team bargained for.  Everyone was very tired after working with cans and boxes for two hours. Good thing there were bagels and juice after!  🙂

The Oregon Food Bank distributes food to agencies that feed people who are hungry throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington. According to the OFB “In Oregon and Clark County Washington, an estimated 240,000 people eat from an emergency food box in an average month.“ They also work to address the root causes of hunger through public policy advocacy and education programs. For more information about the Oregon Food Bank, please see their website.

Cash4Books Volunteers to Improve Literacy

Goodnight Moon. The Bernstein Bears. Love You Forever. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Many of these titles evoke a sense of nostalgia and warm memories of our childhood. Today, however, countless children do not have access to books outside of the classroom.

Last weekend, several Cash4Books employees donated their time and book-cleaning skills to support the mission of The Children’s Book Bank – a local non-profit which strives to improve the literacy skills of low-income children by giving them books of their own before they reach kindergarten. Their goal? To help break the cycle of poor literacy which often plagues low-income families, generation after generation.

Over the course of several hours, Cash4Books employees worked to prepare books for preschoolers. Scribbles were erased, inscriptions were covered, spines were reinforced, torn pages were taped, and covers were wiped with organic cleaners. There was also a bit of reminiscing over our childhood favorites, too!

According to The Children’s Book Bank website:

  • In homes in middle income neighborhoods, the ratio of books to children is 13 books for every child.
  • In low income neighborhoods the ratio is 1 book for every 300 children.

The Children’s Book Bank also notes that “research shows that children with books at home who are read to at an early age become better readers and do better in school.”

For more information on the Children’s Book Bank or how to get involved, please visit their website at: