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Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Romantic on a Budget

Valentines Day Ideas on a Budget

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s definitely a time for the romantics and lovebirds. Showing others how much you care is always important and appreciated. However, many people feel pressured to pull out all the stops on Valentine’s Day. That can be especially tricky for students and recent grads. If money is tight, don’t worry about it! It’s not about how much you spend. It’s about expressing your true feelings! Continue reading

How to Avoid Valentine’s Day Fail

So, you’ve screwed up Valentine’s Day. You just completely forgot about it. It does seem land on a different February 14 each year, and all the holiday signs and advertisements are easy to overlook. Whatever the reason, it’s important to admit that you fail at life and strive to overcome that failure next year. The best way to accomplish this is an Emergency Gift Stash.

The Emergency Gift Stash is a box filled with emergency gifts and cards for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. When Valentine’s Day is over and done, rush to all available stores and buy lots of Valentine’s goodies at a discount price. Keep in mind that all the best gifts will be gone, so it’s important to spend a lot of time looking for good cards and gifts (plush animals are good; jewelry is good) Also, don’t buy candy; it won’t be as yummy if you wait a year to eat it. Don’t buy flowers either; they’ll be dead in a year.

Valentine’s Gifts for Him – Spoil Your Sweetie

Every year I find it more and more difficult to know what to do for my hunny on Valentine’s day.  Last year, I thought seeing a movie and dinner would be a safe play. I should have done more research before picking a flick off the marquee. Thinking I had scored by choosing an action film, after 2 ½ grueling hours watching two hikers die a slow death on the side of Eiger, dinner just wasn’t the romantic event I had imagined.

For your convenience, and mine :), I have compiled some of my male co-workers’ favorite Valentine’s gestures below. Have fun spoiling your Valentine this year!

Spend time together!
Take a hike. Go window shopping. Check out some live music. Make a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt.

Cook him dinner …we all know food is the fastest way to your hunny’s heart 🙂
Buy a cookbook & let him pick the recipes YOU cook (maybe even for the next week)! or serve him breakfast in bed (mimosas anyone?)
With dinner, open a bottle of wine and explain why the name reminds you of him.

Make him a homemade card or present.
Include the story of how you met, your feelings then and now!
Write a top 10 list of what you adore about him, 10 things you remember about your first year together, 10 most memorable moments of your relationship, etc.  Serve together in your local community

Make a reverse BINGO blackout game.
Cover all the squares and draw  letter (row) – number (column) combinations until he guesses the message you’ve written underneath.

Pick him up at his office for lunch and surprise him with a picnic lunch in the park.

Under $30
Frame a Picture of you or one of your adventures.
Try making a collage or Memory book.  Snapfish has some great resources!

Food again…
Send him some Omaha steaks, new seasonings or specialty sausages.

Make a donation to his favorite non-profit in his name

Get him a subscription to his favorite magazine

Check out this remote control indoor helicopter for less than $30! Really, you can’t go wrong with remote control anything for guys!

Under $75
Pep up his personal computer, organizer or smart phone with fun accessories

Get his car detailed

Buy him a round of golf

Engrave his initials on a new money clip

Outerwear, Outerwear, Outerwear
We all know that boys are going to, and like to, get dirty!

Feed his habit with coffee accessories
Think mugs, grinders, and his favorite grounds

Over $75

Sports/Concert tickets
Buy him tix to go to an event with his FRIENDS (he might think it’s the best surprise…a free night out)!  Adventure gift certificates

Adrenaline is always a safe bet.
Hot air balloon or air glider rides make great gifts!

Rather than just a bottle or flask of their favorite alcohol, give the gift that keeps on giving…wine club memberships or home brew kits

Schedule a couple’s massage….because let’s be honest, he isn’t going without you to some frilly salon 🙂

Plan a weekend away to his favorite retreat
These are men. Think cabins/camping/yurts/the ground

I hope these suggestions are helpful! Let us know how you chose to celebrate this year!