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How to Receive a Text Reminder to Sell Your Textbooks

Life is hectic and busy — college makes it all the more crazy. With so much going on, it’s difficult to keep track of everything you need to do. Take out the trash, turn in that essay, pay those bills! Here at Cash4Books, we’re always searching for ways to make things easier for you, so we’ve made selling your textbooks and snagging extra cash even simpler!

Get a Text Reminder | Cash4Books

Now, when you’re selling your textbooks online at Cash4Books, you can choose to get a text or email reminder to sell your books later. That means you can find out roughly how much your books are worth at the start of the semester, and then you can literally forget about it! When you set up a reminder, you can choose when and how you want to be reminded. Want an email after finals week? We can do that. Want a text message in October? We’ve got you!

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Prime Time: September Bonus Code

September has arrived, which means it’s time to head back to school. Snag extra cash for all your college expenses with our September bonus code. Need more encouragement? We’re giving away a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime to one lucky winner. From free two-day shipping to free video streaming, an Amazon Prime membership is sure to make your school year amazing!

September Amazone Prime Bonus FALLPRIME | Cash4Books

Three simple steps to extra cash 

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College Winter Break Header

How to Spend Your College Winter Break

You’ve spent the last couple of months buried in textbooks, cramming for exams, and trying to make the most of out of your precious free time. Now that Christmas is almost here, you get two to four great weeks of college winter break. Unfortunately, the holidays can be quite expensive; however, college students don’t need to let this get them down. Instead, take comfort in knowing there are several things you can do this winter break that are both fun and cheap. Whether it be time with your family, friends or both, let’s dive in and take a look at activities that everyone will enjoy.

1) Volunteer

There truly is no better time during the year to volunteer than right around Christmas. Thankfully, there are endless charities you can volunteer through, including those that run soup kitchens and those that help provide needy children with Christmas presents. To get yourself in the holiday spirit, and to keep your money in your pocket, consider volunteering at a local charity event of your choosing.

2) Visit Friends

Hanging out with your friends doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Consider having a sleepover like old times at your parent’s house. Pop some popcorn and watch movies. If you and your pals feel the need to go out on the town, consider going ice skating, or at least take part in an activity that won’t empty your wallet.

3) Dive Deep Into a New Book

You’ve spent the last semester flipping through pages of your not-so-favorite textbooks, so reading a book may not seem that appealing. Keep in mind, however, diving into a new book (preferably not one school-related) is a great way to cuddle up next to a fire and spend a few days of your winter break.

4) Road Trip

If this winter break has blessed you with a few extra dollars in your pocket, consider getting some of your friends and family together and going on a road trip. It could be to some place new or to an old hometown of yours. The destination doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that you will be spending quality time with the people you care about.

5) Rest

Ah, resting. This is exactly what you need to do during your college winter break. College students tend to overwork their selves during the school year, so come winter break, it’s a perfect time to slow down and unwind. More importantly, it’s a time to recoup some energy for the next semester. Whether your quiet time includes sleeping in until noon or simply sitting by the fire for a few hours each day, it is important to let your mind and body get the rest they need.

Bonus Idea

Winter break is a great time to go through those old textbooks you don’t need anymore. Remember, you can make some extra spending cash by selling your unneeded textbooks to us. Visit Cash4Books.net and sell your textbooks today!