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Four Ways To Make Cash From Stuff You Already Have

Strapped for cash?

Here are four ways to make money fast!

  1. Sell some of your gently used books.
  2. Gold is at an all time high. Selling some of this precious metal from your jewelry box will pay off quickly!
  3. Clean out your closet. Resale shops are always looking for great styles of used clothing.
  4. Old electronics sitting around collecting dust. Not anymore! Go online and see who is buying used electronics; online buyback companies are buying everything from used cell phones to modems.

Happy selling.

Claire F.

Recycle Electronics for Cash

We love that you want to sell your books to us! It’s a winning situation all around: you clear space and get cash and we sell your books to others who want to read them.  Less waste is sent to our landfills as the lifecyle of each book is expanded. But have you ever thought about all of the other things lying around your house that you don’t need? What about those used electronics?

E-waste sculpture

This would also be a cool way to recycle your electronics. It might take a bit more time than selling them to BuyMyTronics.com. Photo: Ross

Well now thanks to our friends at BuyMyTronics.com you can recycle your electronics for cash. BuyMyTronics is an electronics buyback company where you can sell your used electronics including iPods, iPads, smartphones and digital cameras. Check them out here and earn some cash for living green.