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Four Ways to Make Money Traveling

Make Money Traveling

If you asked people what they would do if they didn’t have to work, you can bet most answers would include something to do with traveling. But did you know there are actually ways to make money traveling? These are just a few ways that you can make travel fun and profitable.

Sun, sand and syntax!

Use your writing skill to make money traveling. Image credit: kiwanja, Flicker.com.

Option #1 – Travel writing

Many travel-focused magazines are on the constant lookout for new and engaging articles. While these magazines have high quality standards for content, if you have writing talent and experience, this is a great way to make money traveling. A good place to learn more and gain access to travel writing resources is thetravelwriterslife.com.

In your travels, it is good to pack light and have enough. Having an extra pair of shoes that is comfortable to wear whilst traveling is very important. As Lilly Harvey of ShoeAdviser said, “Being adequately prepared for your trip is always important, and that includes having some good shoes on hand.”

Option #2 – Write a blog about traveling or Podcast about it

You may not be able to easily get a job writing for a travel magazine, but you can do the next best thing and start writing for yourself. Many people will be interested to learn about your travel adventures, especially if you can write in an informative and humorous manner. Once you start getting some traffic to your blog you can begin selling travel related products or advertisements. You could also consider writing and self-publishing a travel guide.

If you are more comfortable just talking passionately about where you have been or what you have seen, a podcast may be your best bet to make money traveling. Record a short episode about your favorite traveling experience. Upload it and watch those hits come in; if you can make your listeners feel a connection with your podcast, you can be guaranteed to have them coming back to hear about your most recent adventure. Once you have a sizable fan base, you can began seeking out advertisers or sponsors for your podcast. Visit transtionasabroad.com/navpages/links/best _travel_podcasts.shtml for a list of podcasts that you can listen to for inspiration.

Option #3 – Offer English language tutoring

This obviously won’t work if you are just planning to travel to Boston or New York. If however you are interested in seeing the world, you can cover the costs of your trip and maybe make a little extra by offering your services as an English language tutor. As English has become the dominant language in the business world, the demand for English language tutors has increased. By tutoring you will meet some incredible people and make money traveling.

Do you have an eye for photography? Use it to make money traveling. Image credit: travellingtamas, Flicker.com.

Option #4 – Photography

For the right person who is truly passionate about traveling and photography, travel photography is an excellent way to make money traveling. People not only love beautiful pictures, but also seeing places that they have never visited. Because not everyone has the time or budget to travel around the world, viewing the world through photographs gives them a chance to see what is out there. If you have a knack for photography, it could be worth getting out there and start taking pictures. If there is not a magazine or website interested in running your pictures, start your own website! Check out travelphotographers.net for some more information.

Of course, there are other ways to make money traveling that we did not mention here, and we invite you to join our discussion and let us know some of your favorite ways are that worked in the past.

New Cash4Books Flickr Account

Photographic Evidence Proves Cash4Books Does Exist!

Cash4Books.net, the mythical company that loves to give away real money for books, has just been discovered on Flickr! Long thought to live only in the overpasses and tunnels of the Information Super Highway, this company now appears to exist in the physical world as well. Just look at these pictures!

our sign

Captured in the wild!

Our Lobby

Cash4Books even appears to have a reception area for customers!


Cash4books even allows its employees to take breaks!

office space

The employees are working too hard be photographed!

There are tons of pictures on Cash4Books’ Flickr page! Rumor has it that the account will be updated on a regular basis with brand new photos. So, check the Flickr page often–you can even add Cash4Books as a contact!–to see what’s happening the office and warehouse.