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New Cash4Books Flickr Account

Photographic Evidence Proves Cash4Books Does Exist!

Cash4Books.net, the mythical company that loves to give away real money for books, has just been discovered on Flickr! Long thought to live only in the overpasses and tunnels of the Information Super Highway, this company now appears to exist in the physical world as well. Just look at these pictures!

our sign

Captured in the wild!

Our Lobby

Cash4Books even appears to have a reception area for customers!


Cash4books even allows its employees to take breaks!

office space

The employees are working too hard be photographed!

There are tons of pictures on Cash4Books’ Flickr page! Rumor has it that the account will be updated on a regular basis with brand new photos. So, check the Flickr page often–you can even add Cash4Books as a contact!–to see what’s happening the office and warehouse.

Decorate-A-Box Contest: RESULTS!

Regular readers of this blog may remember this post from a few months back–the one where we unleashed our first Decorate-A-Box Contest. Some of you may be curious to find out who won the contest. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a winner. Actually, we…um…didn’t have any entries.

Boy, were we embarrassed.

At first, we thought that no one knew what we were looking for, so I was asked to decorate some boxes. I think they turned out well.

In this example, I used sharpies and white-out to create an idyllic wintery scene.

Joan (who also blogs here) asked for a Christmas zombie box. Well, I couldn’t turn away from that challenge.

But my favorite is this festive Cthulhu dressed as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. I think I’ve captured the Christmas Spirit very nicely.

It’s a shame that no one entered the contest. We were all very excited to see how creative people could be.

Cash4Books.net Interview – Fundraising For Musicians

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview with the Music Maven on Blog Talk Radio, Musician Edition.  We had a great discussion about the history of Cash4Books.net, what kinds of books we buy, and also a little about our Book Arrival Alert system that we have on MKZbooks.com.  Also referenced in the interview is our fundraising blog post. The interview is 30 minutes.  You can listen by clicking below:


And, here is what the Music Maven (Deborah) has about the interview: Attention Independent Artists! You have no idea what’s lining your bookshelves . Tune in to learn how to sell books to raise the funds for advertising, web hosting, marketing, posters or whatever you or your band needs to buy. I’ll be interviewing Jim Smith, Founder and CEO of MKZbooks.com and Cash4Books.net. Jim is going to share how you can raise cash through the sale of books!

Decorate-A-Box Contest – Win a Best Buy Gift Card

Participate in The 1st Annual Cash4Books “Decorate-A-Box Contest” & Win Awesome Prizes!!
We would like to announce the First Annual Cash4Books Decorate-A-Box Contest!  Now until December 20th you have a chance to win seriously awesome prizes by simply decorating the outside of your box of books!   Why?  Because we love being entertained, and rumor has it that customers love getting free stuff! 

It’s super easy to participate!
1)      Sell your books on www.Cash4Books.net.
2)      Go absolutely crazy decorating your box* and ship your books for free!
3)      Once your box of books arrives at our facility, we will take a photograph and post it to our Facebook page for all to vote on!

First Place Winner:
$50 Gift Certificate to Best Buy

Second and Third Place Winners:
$25 Gift Certificate to Best Buy 

So bust out some craft supplies and get to work have some fun!!

Introduction to Decorate-A-Box:  Keeping it 2D 

1)  Read the “Hairy Details” section (below) and swear an oath that you will abide by the USPS Guidelines.  
2)  Clear your kitchen table and equip your tool belt with an assortment of markers, a protractor, and that coveted holiday dinosaur stencil set.
3) Unsheathe your (USPS approved) art supplies and create the dinosaur Christmas scene of your dreams… 

…or whatever strikes your fancy.  We know you can do better than that!  And remember, you could be the lucky winner of a Best Buy Gift Certificate.  Ready. Set. DECORATE! 

Click here to view the complete USPS Guidelines. 

*The Hairy Details:  We couldn’t think of a reason to lay down any ground rules – heck, we would love to receive a paper mache’ box resembling a 7 foot giraffe – but for the sanity of the USPS Postal Workers and the safety of your artistic creation, please take note of the guidelines below: Do not use the following materials on the outside of the box:
Wrapping Paper
Masking Tape
Cellophane TapeDon’t despair, there are still plenty of ways you can Decorate-A-Box!  Here are a few extremely inappropriate suggestions to kick-start your inner decorator:

  • Create a Grinch inspired diorama of Who-Ville inside your box.
  • Cushion your books by filling your shipment with two dozen double chocolate muffins (each individually wrapped for convenient consumption of course).
  • One word.  Glitter. 

We want to encourage you to be as creative as possible, but first and foremost, package your books in a way that ensures they will reach our facility unscathed! 

Still stumped?  View a couple Decorate-A-Box examples.