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Earn Extra Cash This Holiday Season

Prepare for an expensive holiday season by budgeting in advance and making some extra cash with these tips.

The holiday season is expensive, no doubt about it. Have you planned ahead for these expenses?

  • Holiday travel. Whether you’re flying home, driving, or taking the train, don’t forget to budget travel expenses into your holiday plans. Book tickets ahead of time to save on costs, and keep an eye out for ticket sales. Keep in mind how snow and ice can affect weather plans, and try travelling as early as possible.
  • Gift giving. An obvious major holiday expense is gift giving. Whether you only give presents to your immediate family or include a wide circle of friends, be sure to plan ahead and make a budget for each gift.
  • All the food. The holiday season is known for its food. Between all the cooking, baking, and eating, food costs definitely go up in December. If you’re heading home for the holidays, you might consider chipping in on the food costs with your family so your parents aren’t left paying for everything. They’ll definitely thank you!
  • Holiday parties.  Don’t forget holiday parties when budgeting for December. Whether it’s a cookie making party, an office holiday shindig, or drinks with friends, be sure to add it to your expected expenses.

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