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Make Easy Money Online

Make Easy Money Online By Selling Your Textbooks


You need a little bit of extra money right now. Who doesn’t? Maybe these people. But if you’re reading this, chances are you are not on that list. So what are your options? Why not sell your unneeded textbooks and make easy money online this summer?

Now you may be asking yourself “What if I need to brush up on my imaginary numbers twenty years from now?” Well, there are some alternatives to selling your textbooks. This handy, 100% unbiased* flowchart spells out all your money-making options:


Make Easy Money Online

Go with the flow(chart) and earn some extra money.


There you have it. Unless you want to become a cage fighter, or a medical guinea pig or wait until next year to sell to your campus bookstore only to find out that they are no longer buying that edition you should give Cash4Books.net a try. Shipping is always free and you can sell your textbooks anytime, not just during finals week. Letting go is never easy. But all that cold, hard cash will make it a little easier to part with your dearly beloved, and now mostly useless, textbooks.


*Actual level of unbiasedness may vary.


How to sell books in bulk on Cash4Books.net

Sell Books in Bulk With The Cash4Books Advanced Bulk ISBN Entry

Cash4Books - Bulk entry screenshot

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Cash4Books.net is always looking for ways to make selling books easier and our latest creation is one of our best innovations so far. We have created an advanced bulk ISBN entry tool that caters to those who wish to sell books in bulk. The process is simple, fast and by far the most efficient way to start earning cash for your used books.


      Here are some superb reasons to use this new tool:
  • Check up to 5,000 ISBNs at one time.
  • Allows you to include the quantity you have of each title.
  • Accepts lists pasted directly from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Easily select/deselect books you want to sell after receiving your price quotes.


How It Works

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide on how to sell books in bulk using the Cash4Books.net Advanced Bulk ISBN Entry:

> First check just a few ISBN’s

We tend to buy mostly college textbooks, so before using our bulk tool, we encourage you to test out the system by getting an instant price quote with just five ISBN’s on the Cash4Books.net homepage. Just follow the instructions on the homepage.

> Navigate to the bulk page

On the Cash4Books.net homepage there is a link in the footer of the page called “Advanced Bulk ISBN Input” that will take you to the tool.

> Enter your ISBNs

Simply paste in a list of up to 5,000 ISBNs, each separated by a new line, from a spreadsheet or csv-style text document.

  • You can use the 10 or 13 digit version of an ISBN.
  • If you want to check a certain quantity for an ISBN, simply add a comma or Tab after the ISBN followed by the quantity.
  • The entry tool will automatically clean any extra dashes and spaces in your ISBNs so you don’t have to spend extra time with formatting.

> Price your books

Hit the ‘Calculate Prices’ button below the entry box and watch your items get priced right in front of your eyes.

  • If you see a mistake in your ISBN list you can press the ‘Stop’ button at any time to halt the pricing process.

> Sell your books

After your list has been processed you will see all of the items we are offering money for listed out for you.

  • Any items for which we couldn’t accept your full quantity will be highlighted in yellow for easy spotting.
  • There is also an ‘Add To Cart’ option next to every ISBN allowing you to have maximum control over the books you wish to sell.
Bulk Entry Results Example

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Don’t have a list of all your books’ ISBNs?

Good news, we’ve gone mobile! Now you can use one of our Cash4Books mobile apps to quickly scan large numbers of books. Visit our Android app page or iTunes app page to learn more. You can now sell your books on the go!

7 Reasons to Sell Used Video Games Online

Sell Used Video Games Online with GameRevive

March is well underway, and here’s a way to put aside some money for your Spring Break getaway or get some cash toward the most anticipated video game releases of 2012: sell used video games online to Cash4Books.net’s new website, GameRevive.com.

GameRevive.com Logo

I don’t have to tell you that it’s spring cleaning time, and here at the Green Frugal, we are big fans of clearing out clutter and making a few extra bucks in the process. We’ve been buying and selling used books at Cash4Books and MKZBooks.com for years now (and developed a loyal following too), and now we’re offering the same great deal and same great customer service to all of the gamers out there (we know how college students love to play video games–doesn’t everyone?). At Cash4Books, we’ve been buying your used textbooks for years, and now we want to do the same with your used video games.

Do you have a pile of used video games that you have already conquered (and are now just collecting dust)? Looking for a way to sell your used video games in order to offset the high cost of new video games? Or do you just need extra cash deposited into your account?

Here are the 7 key reasons why you should sell us your used video games:

Sell Used Video Games Online with GameRevive.comReason 1: Easy checkout process

Simply enter the title or UPC code in the search box, and you will get an instant quote for your game. When you’re done, you can print a free shipping label–voila!

Reason 2: Online convenience

Just like Cash4Books, you can go through the whole process online, so you don’t have to lug a big box of stuff out to a brick-and-mortar store.

Reason 3: Gives you fast cash through PayPal instead of sticking you with store credit

When you sell your video games to brick-and-mortar stores, you often have to choose store credit to get a competitive price, but GameRevive can give you what you really want–cash–to do with as you will.

Reason 4: Free Shipping

That’s right, I’ll say it again: we pay the cost of shipping.

Reason 5: You’ve conquered the game, now get reimbursed with cash through the GameRevive website

Get some cash for the used video games you’re not playing; it’s as simple as that. Use PayPal so we can quickly and efficiently deliver that electronic payment to you. After we inspect the game, it only takes about a day.

Reason 6: Use the money to offset the cost of new games

Here’s a secret that voracious book buyers know: the best way to afford the cost of new books is to sell back your used books that are just sitting around on the shelf. Now gamers have that same opportunity with GameRevive.

Reason 7: Wide variety of games

We are currently purchasing hundreds of used games for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii games. Check out the homepage at GameRevive to see some actual sample quotes that we’ve offered customers.

We are very proud of our new website and checkout process at GameRevive (we think it’s a very handsome website, indeed), so please come and visit us to find out why we earned a stellar reputation as the go-to place for selling textbooks online and sell us your used games today. Easy process, free shipping, and fast cast deposited into your account. Check it out and tell us what you think.

Make Money Reviewing Products

How to Make Money Reviewing Products

There are a number of ways to make money reviewing products for a business. You may choose to do this as a side business to supplement your income or as a full-time job.

Reviewing products is a fun way to give your opinion while helping businesses cater to their customers’ needs and make relevant changes to products or services. Here are just a few ways you can get make money reviewing products.

Make money by reviewing products and taking surveys

Taking surveys is a great way for college students to earn a little extra cash.

There are a number of legitimate websites that have surveys. Typically you earn points for every survey completed. When you reach a certain point threshold, you can cash in your account.

Students may want to try the website SurveyU to make a little extra money for college. They even give you extra points when it is your birthday! Money earned can be transferred to a PayPal account, Amazon gift card or an iTunes gift card. Surveyspot is another good site for paid product reviews and also runs on a points system. Once you have reached a certain amount, you can request your payment via check.

Taking surveys of products can be a good way to earn money, but keep in mind you may have to take many surveys before you actually get paid. Additionally, you may come across surveys that you are ineligible to take as you do not meet certain demographic criteria. This is normal and should not discourage survey takers. The company simply needs very specific data for that particular survey. Keep trying and eventually you will see your income grow!

E-bay and Company Product Reviews
Another way to make money through product reviews is to write them for specific companies. There are a number of websites, such as oDesk, where companies and individual E-bay sellers write job postings looking for product reviewers. You will earn an income and companies receive reviews and feedback to help them better serve their customers. Everybody wins!

Make money reviewing products on your blog!

Make money reviewing products on your blog! Credit: shimgray, Flickr.com

Blog about Product Reviews
You may also want to use your existing blog to make money reviewing products. You can directly approach companies about reviewing their product or service for compensation. In your pitch, include information about your blog to convince the company that you are a good fit and that your readers will be interested in purchasing the product.

There are a number of successful bloggers that frequently include product reviews on their websites. Many of them either receive the actual product as compensation for the review or a direct payment from the company. One product review site you might want to use for reference is TheWebReviewer.com.

Reviewing products online is a great way to get started making money. There are a number of additional resources online and at your local library that can help you get started on writing product reviews. Good luck and happy reviewing!