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Cash4Books Summer Charity Giveaway

Thank You!

Thank you for lending a helping hand in your community! Image credit: http://www.clker.com

Congratulations To Saint Child!

Winner of the Cash4Books $1,000 Summer Charity Giveaway

We are pleased to announce that Saint Child is the winner of the Cash4Books.net $1,000 Summer Charity Giveaway.  Saint Child was nominated by Cheryl, from our very own hometown of Beaverton, OR.  As Cheryl noted in her nomination form, Saint House “provides a home for pregnant women with nowhere else to go.” You can read more about Saint Child on their website.

It was wonderful to read through the charity nomination submissions and discover the compassionate nature of our customers. We had nominations from all over the country and for all types of charities. Thank you to all who participated.

We definitely will hold similar charity giveaways in the future, so make sure to check out our Facebook page and sign up for our email list to stay informed. Also, make sure to check out some of the volunteer work of Cash4Books employees. Feel free to let us know about some of your favorite charities in the comments.

Thanks again to all who nominated their favorite charity and congratulations to Cheryl and Saint House!


Sell Books & Donate Money to Help a Charity

Sell Used Books to Cash4Books with Free Shipping

Recently, I spoke with a friend of mine that works for a state & local funded organization.  This organization (to remain unnamed) is quite large in the Portland Metro area.  He described that there were a number of times they had technical & professional books that were just “thrown away” because they didn’t know where to donate books. Their organization has a layer of red tape that does not allow books to be sold for profit.  I told him that he should have sold the books to my company, Cash4Books.net, and then donated the money to charity.  I am sure that the Management team would have at least listened to a better solution such as giving the money to a charity.  This story brings me to this Green Frugal post about turning used books into donation dollars for your favorite charity.

Whether you are an individual with a bookshelf full of books, or if you can relate to the story above, please consider selling used books and donating the money collected to charity!

Turn used books into donation dollars for charity

Follow these easy steps to turn new or used books into donation dollars to help your favorite charity:

  1. Sell used books at Cash4Books. Optionally use our iPhone app or Android app to price the books quickly and easily.
  2. Ship the books for FREE, using our prepaid FedEx or USPS label.
  3. Get paid via check or PayPal.
  4. Write a check in the same amount to your favorite charity, or use Charity Navigator to find a top-notch charity.
  5. Give the leftover books, that Cash4Books didn’t accept, to Goodwill or another local brick-n-mortar donation spot.

America's Largest Charity Evaluator

Charity Navigator provides addresses to mail donations to. Simply click into the charity, and then look in the left column.

For example,  MAP International‘s donation address shown as the following:

Mail MAP International donations to:
P.O. Box 7020
Albert Lea, MN 56007

Doing it this way ensures that you or your business/organization gets the tax write-off for the charity donation.  After receiving the check or PayPal payment from Cash4Books, you simply pass on the money to your charity.

Resources for finding books to sell

Please leave a comment below to let us know if you will be selling some books to donate to charity. Thanks!