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Cash4Books.net Interview – Fundraising For Musicians

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview with the Music Maven on Blog Talk Radio, Musician Edition.  We had a great discussion about the history of Cash4Books.net, what kinds of books we buy, and also a little about our Book Arrival Alert system that we have on MKZbooks.com.  Also referenced in the interview is our fundraising blog post. The interview is 30 minutes.  You can listen by clicking below:


And, here is what the Music Maven (Deborah) has about the interview: Attention Independent Artists! You have no idea what’s lining your bookshelves . Tune in to learn how to sell books to raise the funds for advertising, web hosting, marketing, posters or whatever you or your band needs to buy. I’ll be interviewing Jim Smith, Founder and CEO of MKZbooks.com and Cash4Books.net. Jim is going to share how you can raise cash through the sale of books!

Free Fundraising Idea For Schools

Last week I spoke with a customer who was raising money for her daughter’s high school grad night.  She came up with a brilliant idea to collect books from students, parents, and teachers.  She would sell the books collected to Cash4Books and deposit the proceeds into a PayPal account she had created for the school.

This got our brains at Cash4Books thinking: what an amazingly green and creative way to get rid of unwanted books and raise money for a great cause! She inspired us to share with you how Cash4Books can help fundraising groups raise money.

However, before you start emailing, texting, tweeting, and changing your facebook status – here are a few things to consider before collecting boxes of books!

Cash4Books may not buy all books.  What we buy can change day-to-day depending on resale values, our current inventory, and market demand.

What kind of books is Cash4Books more likely to buy?


  • Published no more than about three years ago



Our Top 5 categories: 

  • Health, Mind & Body
  • Business & Investing
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Children’s Books

To get started with your fundraising, there are five easy steps.

  1. Set up your group’s PayPal* account.  The coordinator of the group shares the PayPal account (email) name with group members.  When each group member registers an account on Cash4Books, they choose PayPal as their payment preference and then they enter the group’s PayPal email at the bottom of the Cash4Books registration form. Each group member must register with their own Cash4Books account, but the PayPal email is what is common across all group members.
  2. Second, each group member types in ISBNs, of their books to donate, into the box on the Cash4Books.net homepage.  They do this from their own home computer, at their own convenience. They will get a price quote for each book we are buying.
  3. Third, each group member chooses their own FREE shipping method.  Cash4Books will provide everyone with prepaid shipping labels, so there is no cost to the group or group members! If any of your group members to not have a printer at home, we have a solution for that too–they simply contact us and request free shipping labels be mailed to them.
  4. Fourth, group members pack and ship their books to us. The group coordinator may optionally help facilitate this process by providing boxes. Read our FAQ for suggestions on where to find boxes.
  5. Five, Cash4Books receives and inspects the books, and then deposits payment into your group’s PayPal account within three business days.

For questions, special requests or considerations please contact us.

This method of having group members enter their ISBNs from their own home computer is generally preferable to the alternative method (not described here) of having a book drive and a single point drop-off location. This is because book drives tend to get older books that are in low demand, which decreases the chance that Cash4Books will buy them. For more information, read our blog article “Why didn’t Cash4Books want to buy my book?“.

* As an alternative to PayPal, Cash4Books can also issue a check to your group by sharing the name and address field across group members in the registration process.

McKenzie Books 2010 Charity Book Sale Raises Money for DonorsChoose.org

Take thousands of discounted books, a great staff of volunteers, hundreds of bargain-minded shoppers; add in three days of beautiful weather and one great charity and what do you get?  That’s the recipe for a very successful McKenzie Books Charity Sidewalk Sale!

Last week, McKenzie Books sold nearly 2,700 books priced at 50¢ and $1.00 to raise a total of $1,652.57 for our favorite charity, DonorsChoose.org. We’ve already sent the money we collected to help fund eleven new classroom projects for teachers who requested books and supplies.  You can see more about the projects we helped by clicking here.

Putting together an event like this took a lot of effort.  In addition to their regular work, McKenzie Books employees volunteered an additional 23 hours of their time before and after hours to the sale.  They did everything from making sure our signs were ready, to cleaning up after the sale, and boxing nearly 1,000 unsold books to go to their new home at the Beaverton Friends of the Library Book Corner.

Our staff had the privilege of meeting so many of our regular and new customers face-to-face.   We hope all of you had as much fun as we did!

As we head back to work after a weekend where we celebrated our country’s independence, it’s great a time to remember the freedom and opportunity that reading gives us.  Thanks for helping share that freedom with a new generation of students by becoming “citizen philanthropists” at our Charity Sidewalk Sale.