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Found! Babies!

A small baby collection!

I can understand using a picture of your baby as a bookmark. If you get bored mid-sentence, you glance over at that sweet cherub and smile. Unfortunately, boring books means you leave your bookmark between the covers, it gets sent off to a warehouse such as ours, where one of us finds it, takes pictures of it and posts it on our company blog.

Are any of these yours?

What else have you used in place of a “real” bookmark?

I found it in a book!

  Have you ever bought a book from a used bookstore and found some small treasure inside? A bookmark, a picture or maybe something really cool like money? Here at Cash4Books, we look through thousands of books every week – guess how many of those have something hidden in the pages? The rule of Finder’s Keepers applies here more than ever.

 Some things we’ve found recently:

Valentine found in a Psychology Text Book

A hand written valentine on red construction paper: “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on the front. On the inside, in child’s script: “Hundreds of years ago in England, lots of kids dressed up as adults and went singing from home to home. In the Middle Ages, people drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. If a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine’s Day, she would marry a sailor. In Wales, wooden love spoons were carved and given as gifts on Valentine’s Day. If a woman saw a goldfinch flying overhead on Valentine’s Day, she would marry a millionaire.” You can bet I’ll be bird watching next Valentine’s Day.  

Your horoscope on a bookmark

A bookmark about the 4 of Clubs in relation to your birthday. April 30th, May 28th, June 26th, July 24th, August 22nd, September 20th, October 18th, November 16th and December 14th. “You have a practical mind and are a builder of ideas. Your later years are often filled with financial blessings…” I wish my birthday was one of these.

A High School Musical 3 bookmark! YES! With all the characters on a sparkly background!

 A Weight Watchers bookmark that proclaims: I LOST 5 POUNDS!!!! (I didn’t. But I might keep this one.)

 An empty invitation to “Miss Laura’s School of Dance and I love dance week! February 10th through 14th 2003”. Heck yes! I’d go if I had a time machine.

Who wouldn't want this postcard?

A postcard of Bruce Lee!!! I might take this one home, too.

 All of these things (unless we decide to keep them for ourselves) get put into a big stuffed drawer by my desk, and I later use them for giant collages on cubicle walls or the carts we use for shelving. We probably have the most decorated warehouse in the nation. 😀

 This is just one more reason you should buy used books, you never know what you might find. On the other side of this, next time you’re selling or donating some books, maybe place some cool finds in the pages and make someone’s day!

 Until next time…