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5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Cheap!


Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get your costume ready! The internet is full of great costume ideas, but finding the right one can be tricky.

Buying costumes online gets expensive, and making one at home can get time-consuming. Here at Cash4Books, we always have ideas for saving you money, but this time we found a way to save you money AND time with these 5 DIY Halloween costumes. Continue reading

7 Homemade Cleaning Recipes | Non-toxic and Cheap

Non Toxic Homemade Cleaning Recipes


Are you looking for safe and cheap homemade cleaning recipes? Cleaning your home with natural, non-toxic cleaners helps keeps your ecological footprint low, saves you money, and creates a safer home for children and pets. Consider how much money you can save by utilizing eco-friendly substances already on hand (which you can also purchase in bulk!), rather than purchasing a specialized cleaning product for each part of your home.

#1 – White distilled vinegar

  • Use undiluted or diluted vinegar to disinfect and deodorize kitchen and bathroom surfaces, floors, sinks and tubs.
  • Use on carpet stains to effectively blot out color or burn marks.
  • Add a cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle to act as a fabric softener and to remove soap residues.
  • Clean windows with diluted vinegar (then dry and buff with crumpled newspaper).
  • Soak dishcloths and dishtowels in equal parts vinegar and water overnight to remove stains and prolong fiber life.
  • Avoid using undiluted vinegar on marble, as the acid can corrode it!

#2 – Baking soda

  • Sprinkle over carpets to deodorize, leave for an hour and then vacuum.
  • Sprinkle inside garbage cans before putting in a bag—swill with water after removing a full bag.
  • Add a tablespoon to cut flower water to prolong life—change water every few days.
  • Substitute half of your laundry powder soap with baking soda—this will use fewer chemicals, make your detergent powder last longer, as well as make the detergent more effective.
  • Place a saucer of baking soda in the refrigerator to absorb odors, change regularly—pour the old baking soda down the kitchen drain and follow with a kettle of boiling water to clean and deodorize drains.
  • Combine with water and soak in teacups and teapots to remove tea stains.

#3 – Lemons

  • Swirl lemon juice around to deodorize glass water bottles and jars.
  • Use juice to disinfect and clean wooden cutting boards (wooden boards are more ecologically sound than plastic ones).
  • Make lemon-scented dusting cloths by wrapping peeled lemon rind up in a clean, dry rag and then placing in a closed glass jar until use.

#4 – Eggshells

  • Crush and combine with baking soda and water to make a fantastic abrasive cleaner for hard-to-reach places such as glass decanters and long bottles.
  • Eggshells are also a great fertilizer for plants because of their mineral content; they are easy to crush up and sprinkle in pots of household plants or in gardens.

#5 – Mild, natural bar soaps

  • Use a bar of Castille or ivory soap as a stain stick to treat stains before putting into the laundry.
  • Use as a gentle and eco-friendly hand soap in the kitchen & bathroom.
  • Any natural bar soap works wonders for skin—try Burt’s Bees brand, or handmade soaps from a market.

#6 – Epsom salts

  • Use mixed with a little water as an abrasive scrub in the home.
  • Also does wonders in the garden as a commercial fertilizer substitute—Epsom salts are high in magnesium and give natural nutrients to flowers and edibles without adding petroleum to the soil.
  • They are also proven to promote a greater yield in both flowers and edible fruits and vegetables than commercial fertilizers.

#7 – Beeswax

  • Purchase natural beeswax polish to use as a polish/wax for wooden furniture and tabletops. Furniture polish sprays create a shiny, impenetrable glaze over wood, whereas beeswax feeds the grain of the wood with a deeper, richer luster.
  • Another alternative is a drop of olive oil.

Bonus household cleaning tips:

  • Soft cotton cloths
    • Keep old white cotton shirts, dresses and towels to clean with.
    • Cotton is a reusable and natural fiber, and is a far superior alternative to paper towels.
  • Newspaper
    • As mentioned, a great way to reuse old newspaper is to buff glass windows with it after spraying with vinegar water.
    • Newspaper absorbs oils or remaining residues and leaves windows free of streaks, with a nice sparkle.
  • Essential oils
    • Adding a small drop of essential oil to homemade cleaners or after deodorizing surfaces offers a pleasant lingering scent.
    • Nice and comparatively cheap scents are lavender, citrus or clove.

Additional resources and references:

  • A Guide to Green Housekeepingby Christina Strutt
  • Non-Toxic Housecleaningby Amy Kolb Noyes
  • Green Housekeepingby Ellen Sandbeck
  • Vinegar: Over 400 Various, Versatile, and Very Good Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought Ofby Vicki Lansky
  • Baking Soda: Over 500 Fabulous, Fun, and Frugal Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought Of by Vicki Lansky

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How to sell books in bulk on Cash4Books.net

Sell Books in Bulk With The Cash4Books Advanced Bulk ISBN Entry

Cash4Books - Bulk entry screenshot

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Cash4Books.net is always looking for ways to make selling books easier and our latest creation is one of our best innovations so far. We have created an advanced bulk ISBN entry tool that caters to those who wish to sell books in bulk. The process is simple, fast and by far the most efficient way to start earning cash for your used books.


      Here are some superb reasons to use this new tool:
  • Check up to 5,000 ISBNs at one time.
  • Allows you to include the quantity you have of each title.
  • Accepts lists pasted directly from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Easily select/deselect books you want to sell after receiving your price quotes.


How It Works

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide on how to sell books in bulk using the Cash4Books.net Advanced Bulk ISBN Entry:

> First check just a few ISBN’s

We tend to buy mostly college textbooks, so before using our bulk tool, we encourage you to test out the system by getting an instant price quote with just five ISBN’s on the Cash4Books.net homepage. Just follow the instructions on the homepage.

> Navigate to the bulk page

On the Cash4Books.net homepage there is a link in the footer of the page called “Advanced Bulk ISBN Input” that will take you to the tool.

> Enter your ISBNs

Simply paste in a list of up to 5,000 ISBNs, each separated by a new line, from a spreadsheet or csv-style text document.

  • You can use the 10 or 13 digit version of an ISBN.
  • If you want to check a certain quantity for an ISBN, simply add a comma or Tab after the ISBN followed by the quantity.
  • The entry tool will automatically clean any extra dashes and spaces in your ISBNs so you don’t have to spend extra time with formatting.

> Price your books

Hit the ‘Calculate Prices’ button below the entry box and watch your items get priced right in front of your eyes.

  • If you see a mistake in your ISBN list you can press the ‘Stop’ button at any time to halt the pricing process.

> Sell your books

After your list has been processed you will see all of the items we are offering money for listed out for you.

  • Any items for which we couldn’t accept your full quantity will be highlighted in yellow for easy spotting.
  • There is also an ‘Add To Cart’ option next to every ISBN allowing you to have maximum control over the books you wish to sell.
Bulk Entry Results Example

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Don’t have a list of all your books’ ISBNs?

Good news, we’ve gone mobile! Now you can use one of our Cash4Books mobile apps to quickly scan large numbers of books. Visit our Android app page or iTunes app page to learn more. You can now sell your books on the go!