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11 Barbecue Hacks for Summer

Barbecue hacks for an awesome meal.

Easy hacks can make your backyard barbecue fun and memorable. 

Summer is the time for gathering with friends and enjoy lazy days and long, fun-filled evenings. Barbecues are ubiquitous with summer and we know you’re either hosting or attending a few in the next few weeks.

Before you start planning, be sure to sell your college textbooks to earn some extra cash to splurge on those fancy cuts of meat! Then check out these 11 tips and tricks we’ve gathered to make your barbecue that much more awesome.

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DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are almost here, and the season of giving is upon us! While giving gifts to friends and family is one of the best parts of the season, you don’t need to spend major cash when doing it.  While you’re crafting for the holiday season, consider making some of your gifts this year too. Whether you’re a broke college student, a family on a budget, or you’re just looking to save some money, here are some great do-it-yourself gift ideas to mull over. Before proceeding with making the craft, it is important that we have the proper tools. Head over to Best of Tools and get everything you might need for your own project. Make sure to get the basic drilling and cutting tools.

Mason Jar Cookie Mixes

Mason jar cookie mixes

A simple and delicious DIY project is an adorable cookie mix in a mason jar. This is especially effective if you’re giving a large number of presents, as you can buy ingredients like flour, chocolate chips, and sugar in bulk to save on costs. Stock up on some cheap and cute mason jars, and don’t forget to top it off with a ribbon and a homemade holiday card!

Hand Sewn Coin Purse

Hand-sewn coin purse

Gather up some cute fabric scraps to make little coin purses for your friends. Not only are they handy and useful, but every one you make will be different. Take a look at these fun and unique tutorials to spark some DIY creativity! Whatever your skill level, there’s a coin purse you can make.

Handmade Bottle Toppers

Make your own bottle toppers

A set of handmade bottle toppers make another delightful DIY gift. Whether you use plastic toys with spray paint, cabinet nobs, or trophy tops, your bottle toppers are sure to be both cute and functional.

Time to start knitting or crocheting

Time to start knitting or crocheting

Another great holiday gift is a handmade scarf! It’s the easiest item to knit or crochet, and you can choose the yarn that best applies to each recipient. If your knitting skills are more advanced, consider making a hat, mittens, or even a sweater. Need a place to start? Find your knitting inspiration!

Cross-stitch Wall Art

Cross-stitch wall art

While cross-stitch is often considered an old-fashioned activity, there are some delightfully fun and creative ways to use it. Take a quote your friend loves and put it into a cross-stitch text generator. Then, just follow the directions and embroider away! You’ll be able to give them a singular piece of art!

Craft some coasters

Create adorable, one of a kind coasters with tiles, modge podge, and colored paper. Head to your local hardware store and check their prices on tile, or visit a home goods donation center and see if there are any tiles available for cheap. Using modge podge, you can attach colored paper and photos to the tile. Create your own design, or leave it simple and elegant. Either way, you’ll be giving a unique DIY gift.

Candle making

Another craft that’s perceived as old-fashioned is candle making. This cheap and easy gift is back in style though, especially when made in an unusual candle holder. From teacups to tins and jars, you can make a candle out of almost anything! 

You’re sure to wow your friends and family with these DIY gifts, all while saving a little cash. Get crafting, and share your results with us on Facebook.


10 Ways to Make Your Dorm Magical

We’ve already given you the ultimate packing tips for heading off to school. Now, we’re back at it again with tips to make your dorm comfortable and magical! While you’re at school, your dorm room is home. Being comfortable and relaxed in your dorm is a key to more productivity and less stress. You can get better sleep, study more effectively, and be more relaxed when your space is clean and attractive. Let’s get going!

Make Your Dorm Magical | Cash4Books

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The Cure for Senioritis

Beat senioritis with these tips.

With midterms and spring break behind us, the end of the semester is creeping up slowly, which means this is the prime time for senioritis to strike. But don’t let it! By staying vigilant and motivated to the end, you can stop senioritis in its tracks — and still graduate with your sanity intact. Continue reading

5 Christmas Crafts to Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Cash4Books_12.15_Christmas Crafts Guaranteed to Make You Feel Like a Kid Again_Blog

Welcome to winter break! It’s time to get in the holiday spirit and relax during your reprieve from school. If you’ve already perused our list of ways to make the most of your visit home for the holidays, check out these crafting projects to get you feeling even more festive. Crafting is a great way to spend time with your family and decorate for the holidays, without breaking the bank. Continue reading