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Best Couponing Websites

The Best Couponing Websites

The economic crisis has forced many people turn to a trusty old friend to save them money – coupons! If you look around in your Sunday newspaper you can find coupons left and right, but the internet has changed the game. These are not your grandmother’s coupons; let’s just call them coupons 2.0.  Here are some of the best couponing websites available to help you save money.

It is hard to start any best couponing websites list off with any site other than Groupon. After all, Groupon is credited with reintroducing young people to coupons. The whole premise behind Groupon is both simple and fun; every day there are a few deals available for a limited time. If there is nothing that piques your curiosity today, just wait for tomorrow’s deal. Chances are, you’ll find an interesting deal soon!

Coupons.com not only provides a great variety of coupon categories, but the site itself is also very easy to navigate. When you are trying to save a few dollars, the last thing you want to do is browse through countless of pages to find what you actually want. The fact that you can search for zip code specific deals makes it even easier to find the deals that appeal to you.

Checkout the best couponing websites!

Tired of dealing with this every Sunday? Checkout the best couponing websites instead. Image credit: sdc2027, Flickr.com

The staff at CouponCabin.com realizes that people do not need expired coupons and certainly do not want to spend their time on deals that are not timely. So they update the deals at least three times a day to ensure that the coupons are still valid. One of the benefits of this website is that it has a separate section for ‘favorite deals’ and ‘most-used coupons’ allowing you to find the hottest deals the instant you land on the homepage. They also have a handy newsletter that they send out every Monday.

RetailMeNot.com has a very dedicated community of users who provide updates on what coupons are still valid, where to find the best deals of the day, and explanations of the fine print. You can also sign-up to receive e-mail alerts whenever a new code or coupon is posted to your favorite store. By choosing this option, you will no longer have to constantly check the website to see if new deals have been posted.

CouponMom.com does more than just provide coupons; it also lists free samples and other types of discounts. The layout itself is very easy on the eyes and does not feel cluttered with banner ads. Like RetailMeNot.com, you have the option to sign up for e-mail alerts for your favorite stores so you do not have to worry about missing a deal.

These are some of the best couponing websites we have found so far, but we are certain there are more. What are some of your favorite couponing websites?

What should you buy in October?

As we come out of the summer months, there are great deals to be had at your favorite shopping places. Here are our October recommendations:

  • Cars – model year 2011 are rolling into dealerships right now, make those 2009s look extra “old”.
  • Fishing gear – from ice fishing to fly fishing, all of the gear you will need is on sale now.
  • Winter clothes – check the clearance racks for last year’s winter wear, stores are trying to get rid of last years cold weather clothing right now to make room for the full priced jackets, scarves, gloves that will be on shelves as soon as the temperature drops.
  • Plants – visit your local nursery or garden center to score great priced perennials that just don’t look pretty anymore, just keep them from freezing over the winter and they will bloom for you in the spring.
  • Jeans – retail stores stock up on denim for the back-to-school season and now that studies have been going on for a couple of months, the leftovers jeans are ripe for the fall harvest.

A few more suggestions from the bloggers at LifeHacker.com for deals to score in October:

  • Big appliances
  • Cookware
  • Health insurance
  • Toys

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What deals have you cashed in on this month?