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Cash4Books Employees Outfit Children in Need

Two shirts, a pair of pants, pajamas, boots and a warm jacket. Cash4Books employees dedicated their Wednesday evening to Northwest Children’s Outreach, packing care bags teeming with items like those above for children in Portland and the surrounding communities. Each Cash4Books employee had the pleasure of sifting through donated clothing items, to choose outfits for girls and boys. Each child was also gifted with several books and toys. It was particularly fun to reminisce over titles and games of our pasts.

Theresa, our Accounts Payable Specialist, has been volunteering with the Northwest Children’s Outreach over the past year, and brought this wonderful organization to the attention of Cash4Books employees. “I initially volunteered at NW Children’s Outreach to expose my children to doing something for others,” said Theresa of her initial involvement with the organization. “I was shocked to learn how dire the need was for so many children locally, and how my efforts made a direct impact. The organization is 100% volunteer run and all donations go directly to the children.  What a great idea!!”

Northwest Children’s Outreach works with local care providers who identify, meet directly with, and prescreen children in need. Arrangements are then made to acquire supplies through purchase and donations, which are sorted and packed by volunteers weekly.

“The other day I was lucky enough to get a child whose birthday was coming up.  They save the nicest donations for birthday gifts.  Knowing I was preparing a gift for a child that probably wasn’t getting anything else was incredibly rewarding.  This organization is doing so much for those most vulnerable, and I’m so happy to do my part,” recounts Theresa.

As part of their mission, Northwest Children’s Outreach “stands in the gap” between poverty and caring agencies with resources to help children and the needs of their families. Serving children from infants through teenagers, they are always looking for donations of the following items:

  • Diapers
  • Formula
  • New or gently-used clothing (newborns to teens)
  • Hygiene Products for Infants, Children and New Moms
  • Feeding Products for Infants and Children (bowls, bottles, cups, eating utensils, bibs, etc.)
  • Nursery Items (blankets, new cribs, crib sheets, changing pads, changing tables, infant towels, nursery furniture)
  • Children’s Safety Products (new car seats, household safety products, childproofing equipment, etc.)
  • Gift cards to grocery stores and/or stores with children’s products
  • Toys and Books

For more information on the Northwest Children’s Outreach, its mission, or how to get involved, please visit their website at: http://www.northwestchildrensoutreach.org

Volunteer Match is a great resource to find charities and organizations that serve children in your area!




Found! Babies!

A small baby collection!

I can understand using a picture of your baby as a bookmark. If you get bored mid-sentence, you glance over at that sweet cherub and smile. Unfortunately, boring books means you leave your bookmark between the covers, it gets sent off to a warehouse such as ours, where one of us finds it, takes pictures of it and posts it on our company blog.

Are any of these yours?

What else have you used in place of a “real” bookmark?

Summer Reading

Do you remember the scene in “Grease” where John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s characters broke out into song about what they did during their summer vacation? I think it went a little something like this…

OK, so that didn’t really happen in the movie.

Wouldn’t it be cool though if people sang the praises of summer reading? Fortunately, there have been recent studies doing just that- albeit without the musical numbers. The reports indicate that kids who read over the summer have better retention on what they’ve just learned and an advantage for the following school year.

I know reading is the last thing on young people’s minds during this time of year. But there are more and more incentives out there for them to pick up a book.

Libraries nationwide are inviting kids and teens to “make a splash” and participate in the many summer reading programs they are offering. In turn, there are prizes to be won based on how many books or pages they read.

Some bookstores are giving out free books after kids read a certain amount on their own. Barnes & Noble has partnered with Scholastic and multi-media series “The 39 Clues” to launch their program. Borders, with “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” author Jeff Kinney, has put out a “double-dog dare” challenge for kids to read 10 books this summer.

Grown-ups shouldn’t feel too left out. Some libraries have summer reading programs aimed specifically for adults. At McKenzie Books, we are extending our Facebook and Twitter Book Giveaways to you- our Green Frugal readers. Comment on any post for your chance to win a $5 gift certificate to use on our site. There’ll be one lucky winner per week all summer long!

Showing by example is a great way to get kids to read. So what are you waiting for? What’s on your summer reading list?

Organic Children’s Books

Finding fun, interesting children’s books isn’t hard.

Finding fun, interesting children’s books that are also organic can be a bit trickier. When I say “organic” books, I mean made from recycled materials, using Earth-friendly inks and dyes – even cloth books!

Paper cannot be recycled over and over, the fibers break down and lose connectivity. Some publishers are now mixing paper from trees grown in sustainable forests with already recycled paper, strengthening the fibers and prolonging paper-life. Using soy ink, instead of petroleum based ink, also aids us in our quest for organic books.

Cloth books are great for very young children; easy to teethe on, impossible to tear apart, usually very colorful and some have noisemakers or “feely” objects. The best part about a cloth book: they don’t require any paper!

In my own search for great, sustainable books for my kids, I came across a few wonderful publishers. Priddy books has started it’s own line of natural books called “Natural Baby“.

And here are a few sites offering a selection of cloth books, including how to make your own!

Oompa Cloth Books

Make a Cloth Book

Make Your Own Cloth Book

And, of course, your local used book seller should have some children’s books – buying used is a great way to be green!