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Cats break Christmas!

This was supposed to be a post about using the scrap pages (from this post) to create desktop Holiday diorama. Alas, my cats had a different idea. Fortunately, I captured events with my camera…

Behold! A fake snowman made from crumpled paper. I call him Carl. He’s such a cheerful fellow, just look at that smile!

Carl is friendly. Looks how he greets my cat Boris.

And now Herbert, my other cat, shows up. Carl is so popular!

Oh No! Carl!

Boris! What are you doing with Carl’s head?! Boris is so fast that my camera can’t keep up. He’s a lightning cat.

He’s still on the move!

Herbert has to investigate the commotion!

Herbert eyes Carl’s head. Perhaps he intends to retrieve the head and rebuild Carl. Yes, he sees that Boris has lost interest…

No it was a trick! Boris is interested.

And now, he’s standing guard! Oh Carl! You’ll never be complete again.

But wait! Herbert is attempting to be cute and draw Boris’ interest. Perhaps Carl can roll away…

No. Boris is ever watchful. Until…

he gets bored and stretches out for a nap.

Carl had to be thrown away. He was covered in cat drool. He is survived by a Festivus Pole.

5 Annoying Things My Cat Does When I Try To Read

Reading is great. I like reading. Cats are great. I like cats. Combining the two can be a pain in the neck. Despite me getting it all the cool toys to play from PetSide, it still wants to disturb me while I’m trying to read. My cat loves attention and the only way I get him to smile is when I play games with him which I learnt at Petaware.com. Before this website came to my rescue, he used to behave very similar to “The Grumpy Cat”. If I’m paying attention to anything other than him, he gets jealous. He even gets jealous of the books that I read.

1. Petting Himself with Books.

Whenever my cat sees a free hand he rubs his face against it. I like to think that he’s stealing some petting. Usually, I think it’s cute and scratch his head. It’s not so cute when I’m on the couch with a book in my hands trying to read. He rubs his head against the book and I lose my place.

2. Biting the Books

When rubbing books doesn’t get the results he wants, the cat moves to more drastic measures. He bites the books, mostly around the spines or the book edges. Maybe he thinks it’s a new pet vying for my affections. I imagine this creates much anxiety in him and he must kill the new pet.

3. Sitting in Front of the Books.

If he can’t kill the new pet, the cat will climb on my lap and sit in front of the book. He does this when I sit at my computer, too. He sits nobly and stares at me. Almost as if he’s reminding me that cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt.

4. Running Like Mad

After I explain to the cat that I’m not going to worship him, I pick him up and put him on the ground. He’ll wander around aimlessly for a bit, and then suddenly remember that he’s supposed to annoy me. He starts running around; darting back and forth. Leaping on and off me like I’m part of an obstacle course.

5. Meowing

Eventually, he’ll run down the hall. And get lost. I don’t know how he gets lost; he’s less than ten feet away from me. But he can’t find me, so he starts meowing and meowing. Then, he paws at the bedroom door, because he thinks I’m in there. But I’m still on the couch. So I take pity on him and call him over. He sprints over and jumps on the couch and settles down for a nap. And then I finally get to read my book.