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5 Fun Ways to Make Extra Cash This Summer

From house sitting to car washing, here are five fun ways to make extra money that won’t cramp your summer schedule.

Summer is finally here, and whether you’re taking summer classes, working a summer job, or just taking time off to recoup, it’s always nice to put some extra cash in that bank account. By now, you know Cash4Books is chock-full of great ideas on how to keep the dollars flowing all year, and summertime opens up even more awesome opportunities. These fun money-making jobs keep you active, and easily fit into your summer schedule.

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May Bonus Code: Price Lock Plus 10 Percent Extra Cash

When you sell your textbooks with our May bonus code, you lock in your buyback price and earn an extra 10 percent bonus cash.

The end of the school year is in sight, and now is the time to put some extra money in your pocket. With finals, papers, thesis statements, and more crowding your calendar, we want to help you finish strong. Input your ISBNs into our website, and, using the code BOOKLOCK, secure your buyback prices today, no matter if you wait until the end of the term to ship those books to us. Plus, you’ll get an extra 10 percent cash bonus. Early birds get the best buyback prices!

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4 Ways to Find Extra Cash This Spring (As Told by Binge-Watchable Shows)

From odd jobs to selling your textbooks, here are four quick, easy ways to make extra money this spring.

Spring is finally here, which means having extra cash for the beautiful days and endless activity is a huge plus. Thanks to today’s technology and creativity, there are many easy ways to put some extra cash in your pocket. Spring also brings soggy showers, which can sometimes halt the motivation. Here at Cash4Books, we get it. When you need a break, or you’re just not feeling it, sometimes marathon sessions of your favorite series are the answer. With the help of some of the most binge-watchable shows, we’ve narrowed it down to four simple ideas to find extra cash this spring, listed from minimal effort on your part to a bit more time-intensive.

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Why Not to Sell Your Textbooks to the School Bookstore — Illustrated by Stock Photos

Selling your textbooks at the college bookstore is the literal worst. That’s why we’ve illustrated the process with the best and worst stock photos imaginable! Take our advice, and view these photos before heading to the school buyback program.

These stock photos illustrate why you should avoid selling your textbooks to the school bookstore at all costs.

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Earn Extra Cash This Winter

Use the winter season to your advantage and make some money with these eight tips.

Traditionally, winter is thought of as a time for staying indoors, curling up by the fire, and sipping some cocoa. Here at Cash4Books, we’re ready to mix things up! Instead of staying in, go out and make some cash. Summer’s not the only time of year you can use the seasonal weather to your advantage. These winter-themed tips will pad your wallet for the whole season!

1. Clear snow in your neighborhood

One simple way to earn cash in the winter is to use the weather to your benefit. Offer to shovel your neighbors’ walkways for a few dollars. Get your workout in, and aim to do the whole block! Post about your services in an app like Nextdoor, or try Craigslist to get the word out.

2. Run errands for your neighbors

When the winter weather hits, homebound individuals and those with mobility issues need more help. Offer to run errands and go grocery shopping for your neighbors who can’t get outside. If someone is lacking transportation, that’s another way to add value. Charge them a few bucks and drive them to the store, or consider joining Uber or Lyft as a driver.

3. Help out with yard work

No one wants to do yard work when it’s cold outside. This leaves an opening for you to provide a service. In wet climates, make major cash by cleaning gutters and storm drains. The winter is also an ideal time to prune your trees and roses, so read up on the correct methods and advertise your skills.

4. Sell your wares at a craft fair

Craft fairs happen all the time in the winter! Check out your local community center or city events calendar to find one near you. Channel your crafty, artsy side and make something to sell. Borrow some ideas from our holiday DIY gift-giving guide, and get started!

5. Teach someone to ski or snowboard

If you’re talented on the slopes, you can turn those skills into cash! Give a lesson and teach others how to ski or snowboard. Whether it’s with kids who’ve never ventured onto the mountain or adults trying it for the first time, if you’re patient and helpful you can make some extra money!

6. Help people achieve their New Year’s resolution

The winter is ripe with people working towards their New Year’s resolutions. Try creating a blog to help them achieve their dreams. If you’re great in the kitchen, blog about your favorite healthy recipes. If working out in the gym is your forte, craft workouts with different goals in mind. This is all about using your skills to benefit others. If your blog gets traffic, you can easily monetize it with online ads and rake in the cash. The more influence you garner, the more cash you can make.

7. Take care of people’s pets

Pet care is another way to take advantage of the winter. When people go on vacation, they need someone to watch their furry family member. If the weather is wet and cold, they may need someone to walk their dog. Start by volunteering your services to people you know, and work out from there. There’s definitely money to be made in dog walking!

8. Sell your old stuff

Last but not least, get a jump on spring cleaning and sell your old stuff. Start with your used textbooks and head over to our homepage to get a price quote. If your closet has winter clothes you haven’t worn this season, take them to your local thrift shop, or sell them in an app like Poshmark. Your old trash is another person’s treasure after all!

The winter doesn’t have to be a season of simply sitting around inside! Put your skills and talents to use and find the right money-making venture for you. Now, get out there and start raking in the cash!