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Best Selling Textbooks of June: The Good, the Bad and the Unread

July 1, 2015

Best Selling Books of June

Here at Cash4Books, we buy back tons of textbooks every month. Seriously, it’s what we love to do. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have cash instead of a used Algebra book gathering dust on the bookshelf? Use that cash to do the things you love – with a little help from the team at Cash4Books. Continue reading

Top Selling College Textbooks For 2015

March 21, 2015

At Cash4Books, we’re always focused on giving you’re the best deal on your used textbooks. Based on our data, and the 10 million price quotes we’ve completed in the last 2 months alone, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 selling college textbooks of 2015.

Buckle up, and come along for the ride as we present our findings, and decide which books to watch out for! Continue reading

Stolen Textbook Recovery Program

September 23, 2014

College Textbook Theft

College textbook

Your textbook. An easy target for on campus thieves. Photo credit: Scott Feldstein,

For college students, it should be no surprise that money, cell phones, and bicycles often catch the eye of on-campus thieves. However, there is an often overlooked item that can be just as valuable but not as closely guarded: college textbooks.

Even though the cost is high for college textbooks, they are often not protected in the same way as a cell phone or bicycle. For cell phones, we buy protective cases, phone insurance, and constantly keep them close to us. We buy expensive locks to ensure that our bikes can’t be easily taken. But can you say you take the same measures for your college textbook?

College textbooks are an easy target for thieves. With the bookstore often located nearby, they don’t even have to leave campus to cash them in. In fact, the college bookstore is often the most common target of textbook theft! Continue reading

The Purr-fect Way To Make Money Online

March 21, 2014

Follow our cat friendly flow chart and find out how to make money online by selling textbooks the easy way.

sell textbooks flow chart

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As you can see, Cash4Books saves you time and pain! Our easy to use website gives you instant prices quotes, FREE shipping, and fast payments. Sell your textbooks the easy way today at

International edition v.s. U.S. edition? – What to Look For

September 22, 2013

Here is a common question we get at

“I’m looking to sell my textbook.  At the beginning of the semester, I found the international edition was far cheaper than the U.S. edition, but I couldn’t seem to find out what the difference between the two books was.  I ended up buying the international edition. Can I sell my international edition back to you?”

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  We do not buy back international edition textbooks. We buy standard U.S. editions only. View our Used Book Condition Policy for more details and info on what else to look out for. And, if you paid a lot for the international edition, we are sorry to say that you may have been taken advantage of…

Buyer Beware

Many shady online textbook sellers will try to sell off an International Edition and make it look like a standard U.S. edition.  What you want to look for is black tape or large stickers that are covering up important pieces of information on the front or back cover of the textbook:

International edition college textbook example

international editions are textbooks that have been published outside the US. These books are usually significantly cheaper than textbooks published in the US. International edition textbooks are created to be sold in different regions and are often printed on cheaper paper and are usually softcover. The content may be the same as the U.S. version, or may have differences such as the book cover, ISBN, pagination, or region code.