What happened to Amazon BookTrade In?

Amazon started buying books and textbooks via the Amazon Book Trade In program in July of 2011. Over the 9 years, the program was very successful, millions of books and textbooks were traded in. In the early years – the program was very aggressive on price – especially the textbook trade in component. Amazon was able to offer more than other buyback companies because it paid with Amazon Giftcards.  Amazon also saw the Textbook trade in program as a great way to entice students into the Amazon Student Prime program.

The way the program worked was 3rd party vendors would load a “trade in guide” to the site. Amazon then would inspect the books and put them into the vendors FBA account.

Wondering where the Amazon Book Trade In program went? No you are not crazy – its gone….

On April 1st, 2020 Amazon closed its book trade in Program. No, it was not an Aprils fools joke – Amazon stopped purchasing Textbooks on April 1st, 2020. Although Amazon made no announcement on why they decided to shut down the program, we think the closure is most likely related to

Counterfeit TextbooksTextbook Publishers have sued many of Amazon Vendors that participated in the program and found that the Trade In Program was a source of Counterfeits.

Textbook Rentals – With more Textbooks Rentals there is less Textbook Trade In – and Amazon has been really pushing Textbook Rentals and has acquired a massive textbook inventory.

Does Amazon still buy back books?

No – Amazon closed it’s Book Trade in program as of April 1, 2020.

Where can I sell books now that Amazon Textbook Trade-In has closed

Where can you sell textbooks today? Our first choice would be Cash4Books.net – we have been buying textbooks since 2004. Besides us – there are about a dozen other sites that buy textbooks online.

The good news – even with Amazon Book Trade-In closed – you can still sell your books without leaving your house. The benefit of selling to a company like Cash4books over the Amazon Book Trade:

  • We buy more non-textbooks – Amazons trade in catalog was typically limited to under 100,000 titles – we buy over 1 million
  • Amazon Only paid with Amazon gift cards – while we admit Amazon Gift cards are almost like cash – Cash is still better : )

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