Sell Textbooks for Extra Summer Cash

Use extra cash to see last-minute summer concerts.

Spend your extra cash on summer festivals.

Summer is in full swing, and whether you have a packed schedule or you’re enjoying lazy days, it’s always nice to have some extra cash on hand. Selling your textbooks to Cash4Books is an easy way to make extra cash for summer fun. From last-minute concert and festival tickets to new kicks or sunglasses, what will you spend your extra dough on?

Summer concert tickets

Summer is the season of outdoor concerts and music festivals, big and small. There’s still time to see your favorite bands play great live music. Using the extra cash you earned from selling your textbooks, you might be able to snag a souvenir, too!

Unplanned getaway

Check airline websites and travel aggregators like Orbitz, Expedia, and Kayak to grab deals on spur-of-the-moment summer escapes. Or, use your extra money for a road trip, complete with a cool car. If you’re not picky about your destination, you could end up with a great vacation package and extra cash to explore a new city. 

Rent a cool car for your next road trip.

Upgrade your road trip with a cool car thanks to the extra cash you have from selling textbooks.

Learn something new

Ready to really grab the rest of summer by the horns? Use the extra cash you have from selling your books to take lessons and learn a new hobby. If you’re looking to get sporty, surf lessons, road cycling clinics, rock climbing courses, tennis clinics, and more abound. Summer is also perfect for learning an instrument. If you’d always wanted to strum a guitar or tickle the ivories, use that cash for music classes.

Use extra cash to learn a new hobby.

Surf’s up! With your extra cash, you can take those lessons you’ve been dreaming about.

Crazy hair

If not now, when? Embrace the summer and change up your ‘do with funky color. A professional colorist knows all the tricks to give you the most brilliant mane of rainbow, unicorn, marbled, or watermelon color. When your pockets are full of extra cash from selling those books, you can go as wild as you want!

Unicorn hair

Embrace the colors of summer with crazy, colorful hair.

Garage sale finds

Every weekend in the summer, there are garage and yard sales all across the country. These are great places to score serious deals on pricier items like sports equipment and kitchen gadgets. Then earn props from your roommates when you bring a new waffle maker, blender, or at-home slushie machine back to the communal kitchen next term. 

Find great deals at garage sales.

Find great deals at garage sales.

Back-to-school clothes

We know, it’s too soon to think about going back to school, but now is the perfect time to pluck some serious good style at clear-the-racks prices. Most retailers bring early fall collections in stores late July, which means sale prices on summer items.

Stock up for school with summer sales.

Stock up for school with the extra cash in your wallet.

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