11 Barbecue Hacks for Summer

Barbecue hacks for an awesome meal.

Easy hacks can make your backyard barbecue fun and memorable. 

Summer is the time for gathering with friends and enjoy lazy days and long, fun-filled evenings. Barbecues are ubiquitous with summer and we know you’re either hosting or attending a few in the next few weeks.

Before you start planning, be sure to sell your college textbooks to earn some extra cash to splurge on those fancy cuts of meat! Then check out these 11 tips and tricks we’ve gathered to make your barbecue that much more awesome.

Barbecue atmosphere hacks

  1. Keep bug spray (and sunscreen) in a bucket in one location so guests who forgot theirs can keep biting bugs at bay.
  1. Spread large blankets and quilts on the ground for picnic-style seating.
  1. Place lanterns strategically throughout the yard so, as night falls, the whole area will be illuminated.

Barbecue food hacks

  1. Spiral-cut your hot dogs and sausages to cook them evenly with a nice crisp. It also allows the condiments to seep right in.
  1. Make a condiment bar with unexpected toppings such as fancy mustards, different types of relish, spicy sauces, and more.
  1. Place a frozen ice pack under bowls of salad and fruit to keep the dishes cool.
  1. Make a s’more station with chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and peanut butter (trust us) in a separate area for people to gather.
  1. Keep eating utensils and napkins in mason jars for easy access.

Barbecue drink hacks

  1. Tie a bottle opener to your drink cooler. No more searching around and screaming “I can’t find the opener!”
  1. Keep a permanent marker and fun stickers by the drinks for guests to mark and identify their cups.
  1. Freeze water in small water balloons to use in place of ice in a cooler or drink tub. As the ice melts, it won’t get everything wet.

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