Sell Your Accounting Textbooks for Extra Cash

Selling your accounting textbooks at the end of the term is fast, easy money for college students.

Accountants are known to have great organizational skills and a high degree of precision. It takes dedication and an investment of time and money for school, certifications, and more. With your keen eye for detail and practical knowledge, selling your textbooks at the end of each term is most likely already on your radar. And because there are so many different types of accounting courses, a lot of accounting book titles are in high demand, so you stand to make a nice profit.

Selling your accounting textbooks is a fast, easy way to make extra money. Using Cash4Books’ simple mobile app, or our website, you can quickly scan or input accounting textbook barcodes and receive an instant buyback quote. Shipping is free and easy! Just print a label, pack up your accounting books you’re selling, and pop the package in the mail.

General accounting studies

If you’re just starting out in pursuing your accounting degree, chances are you have primarily introductory textbooks in your bag. Introduction to Financial Accounting and Financial Accounting are popular assigned texts nationwide. Intermediate Accounting is one of the most assigned accounting books on higher education syllabi. Due to its high demand, we regularly see good condition copies of this title fetch a pretty penny.

Specialty focus

If you’re hoping to work in the not-for-profit sector or in government, keep your eyes open for Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting. Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting is another specialty book that pops up, as well as Introduction to Agricultural Accounting and Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting.

Accounting systems

When learning how everything fits together, look for the Accounting Information Systems textbook, which is a regularly assigned title for accounting majors who use a Free Invoice Creator tool to make their work easier. Also, if you’re using Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems, it’s worth it to sell at the end of the course for extra money in your pocket.

Use your financial precision and skill with numbers to calculate how much money you can make by selling your accounting books to Cash4Books. Now that’s how you play the numbers game!

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