Sell Your History Textbooks for Cash

From art history to world history, see how selling  your history textbooks can help you make extra money.

History tends to be among required courses for any major at almost all higher-education institutions. One look at a catalog of history titles shows there are many areas of focus and disciplines. Since history textbooks are always in need, chances are the titles you have taking up space on your floor are ready to be back in the classroom.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the history disciplines that see a higher need for used books. Reselling history textbooks could help you save up for that trip to dive deeper into your focus of choice. Florence’s Firenze Card anyone?

American history

From early settlers to modern day politics, American history is a melting pot of information, stories, and cultural narratives. “America: A Narrative History,” is one of the most assigned textbooks for American history majors, positioning the newest versions in high demand. Also, “American Military History” is a popular required reading. Before heading on a tour of the nation’s historical registers, check your old history books to make some extra cash.

Art history

A discipline in art history can help you land a coveted position at a museum or art gallery as a curator, buyer, and more. The breadth of study spans many disciplines, and as courses vary greatly in each institution, art history books do as well. “Living With Art” is one of Cash4Book’s top-selling titles, while “Janson’s History of Art,” “Art: A Brief History,” and “A History of Western Art” regularly appear on course lists.

Music history

If you’re focusing on music history as a major, you’re likely studying the interpretations, backgrounds, and influence of all musical genres, past and present. The textbooks assigned to you are niche and therefore sought after by others studying the same topics. Look for “Rock Music Styles: A History” and “History of Keyboard Literature: Music for the Piano and Its Forerunners” to sell back at the end of the term.

World history

At most institutions global history is segmented with laser focus to regions, nations, and civilizations. Prerequisite courses usually have a general history textbook title or two, including “Patterns of World History” and “Ways of the World: A Brief Global History.” Reselling these titles and similar textbooks is a simple way to start recouping your educational investment.

Cash4Books makes it easy to find out how much money your history textbooks are worth. Just take a look at these great Cash4Books reviews to see how easy it is! Scan your ISBNs using our mobile app, or head directly to our website to get started. We’re always available to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Sell Your History Textbooks for Cash

  1. Josh Silverman

    My mother was a docent at the National Art Gallery and has acquired a large collection of art history books, many with color reproductions. She is nearly 90 years old now and we are trying to downsize.

  2. Jim McKenzie Smith Post author

    We do not buy collectibles or antiques, but we do have a suggestion: A good starting point is the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America (ABAA). To obtain its free directory of 461 booksellers, call (212) 944-8291 or visit online at

    Most of what we buy are college textbooks. We only purchase books that have an ISBN, and usually books that have been published within the last 3 years.

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