4 Ways to Find Extra Cash This Spring (As Told by Binge-Watchable Shows)

From odd jobs to selling your textbooks, here are four quick, easy ways to make extra money this spring.

Spring is finally here, which means having extra cash for the beautiful days and endless activity is a huge plus. Thanks to today’s technology and creativity, there are many easy ways to put some extra cash in your pocket. Spring also brings soggy showers, which can sometimes halt the motivation. Here at Cash4Books, we get it. When you need a break, or you’re just not feeling it, sometimes marathon sessions of your favorite series are the answer. With the help of some of the most binge-watchable shows, we’ve narrowed it down to four simple ideas to find extra cash this spring, listed from minimal effort on your part to a bit more time-intensive.

Minimal effort: Check your pockets

Is there a better surprise than pulling on a jacket, putting your hand in the pocket, and pulling out some bills? Go through those pockets from spring break, this past summer, or your last ski trip or weekend away. Chances are you may have stashed some cash and forgotten about it! 

 4 Ways to Find Extra Cash This Spring

Some effort: Sell your textbooks

Here at Cash4Books we make it easy to get extra cash in your pockets by selling your used textbooks. You can either scan textbook barcodes or type them in manually on our website. You’ll get an immediate cash quote for your book titles, and shipping is free. Print a label, pack your books, and pop them in the mail. Once we receive your textbooks, payment is usually delivered in about 24 hours.

 4 Ways to Find Extra Cash This Spring

Some effort: Be a human guinea pig

Being a test subject can be fun, entertaining, and even educational. From market research to clinical trials, companies are always looking for willing folks. Keep your eyes peeled on campus for information in your health center, science and psychology buildings, and more on opportunities that could net some quick money.

 4 Ways to Find Extra Cash This Spring

A bit more effort: Do odd jobs — the modern way

Side gigs and random jobs are a great way to earn extra money. You don’t need to commit to a schedule or a regular job. TaskRabbit connects people that need help with people that can provide it. Instacart and Postmates pay for shopping and deliveries to their customers. If you’re running around town already, why not get paid for it and help some people out along the way?

4 Ways to Find Extra Cash This Spring







Now that you’ve explored your options, you’re ready to make some extra cash this spring! Check out how selling your books online through our textbook buyback program puts cash in your pocket quickly and easily. Or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to start the conversation.

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