Sell Your Business Textbooks for Cash

 Put extra money in your pocket by selling your business textbooks

Business majors are a smart bunch. The top qualities of great businesspeople include leadership, ambition, and a distinct ability to take risks. The business classes you take transfer to the real world, and whether your focus is accounting, management, or corporate finance, those business textbooks can pay off before you even start your career. Selling your textbooks is a smart way to make money at the beginning or end of each term.

The average undergrad spends roughly $1,300 on college textbooks each year. This can be as much as 40 percent of total costs of college for those at community colleges. Luckily, business class textbooks are among the top selling textbook titles. One of the easiest things to do after each quarter or semester is sell your books. It’s easy and puts cold, hard cash where you need it most … back in your wallet so you can buy more books!


There are a plethora of Finance textbooks out there, and “Essentials of Corporate Finance” is one of Cash4Books’ top-selling textbook titles. In addition, “Fundamentals of Corporate Finance” and “Fundamental Accounting Principles,” which pop up on course lists regularly, are always sought-after college textbooks. If finance is your focus, many of your books should turn a pretty penny after you’re done.


Business management is a broad subject and is one of the most common degrees in higher education, so management course books are always in need. “Understanding Management” has continuously been a required business textbook. Also, keep your eyes open for general business management study titles such as “Introduction to Management Science,” and “Strategic Management.”


Your love of math and business has led you to study accounting, and there is no shortage of classes, accounting textbooks, or curriculum. This business degree can open numerous doors, helping you land a job in business consulting, auditing, tax accounting, and more. As you figure out what avenue you’re going to pursue, “Intermediate Accounting,” and “Accounting” are popular sell-backs at the end of courses. The price of accounting textbooks can add up, so sell them back as soon as you can to get your hard-earned returns.

International business

International business majors are laser-focused on global business issues, and often have the opportunity to study abroad. Consider selling your business textbooks such as “Global Business Today” and “International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace.” International business books like these can help recoup some of the costs of getting your degree, and give you extra cash to explore some of those cities you may find yourself in.

So, round up those textbooks and calculate how much money you can make by selling them to next term’s students. Then send them into Cash4Books. Now that’s a smart business decision!

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