The Ultimate Spring Break Lifehacks

An epic spring break is all about the details. After selecting a vacation destination, you can start preparing! When you’re relaxing on the beach, you want to keep your phone dry and sand-free. If you’re chilling by the pool with some tunes, you want to put them on blast! The small stuff can take your vacation from boring to bright!

Take your spring break from dull to delightful with these lifehacks. Keep your phone dry, make an impromptu phone speaker, and more!

Prop up your phone with your sunglasses.Prop up your phone

When you’re relaxing by the water, you want a hands-free phone. Whether you’re watching videos or reading an e-book, prop your phone up in your sunglasses so you can view it hands-free. This way, if you’ve just gotten out of the pool, your phone is protected from the water.

Create a sand-free sanctuary on the beach with this lifehack.Create a beach sanctuary

Spending a day at the beach is one of the best things ever, but you’ll be finding sand in your bag and shoes for weeks to come. Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution! Bring a fitted sheet next time you’re heading to the coast and use it instead of a beach blanket. Spread it out and prop the corners upright with your bags or coolers. It’ll create a sand-free sanctuary within, giving your gear a reprieve.

Make your music louder with this phone lifehack.Turn up the tunes

Amplify your music on vacation with this simple lifehack!  Find an empty cup and place your phone in it. When you turn on the tunes, the sound waves will reverberate within the cup, making it louder. A good dance party has great music, so this lifehack is a must for the ultimate spring break.

Keep your phone and valuables safe with this beach lifehack.Keep your valuables safe

When enjoying a sunny vacation, you’ll be inclined to nap in the sun, focus on your book, or take a swim. This leaves your valuables vulnerable to nefarious individuals. Instead of worrying over your phone and wallet, keep them protected with this lifehack. Find an empty sunscreen tube big enough to fit your phone and clean it out. Before heading to the beach, pack your phone, keys, and wallet inside the clean tube. No one will think to snag your sunscreen if you’re distracted.

With these lifehacks in hand, you’ll be ready to knock this spring break out of the park! Remember, if you need a little extra cash for your upcoming trip, sell your used textbooks to Cash4Books. We’ll get you the extra cash you need to have an epic trip.

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