Sell Science Textbooks for Cash

Science majors, more than other students, have the potential to make substantial money when selling their textbooks. Just take a look at our top selling textbooks blog and you’ll find it’s true! So, instead of packing up your books at the end of each semester or giving them to another student, sell them for cash!

Science textbooks are valuable. Sell your Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy books to make extra cash this semester.

Science students have the smarts

First and foremost, those that pursue science degrees are smart and committed students. With long lab hours, ample homework, and big exams, you’ve got to be dedicated to major in one of the hard sciences. These academic skills transfer into the real world easily. Whether you’re pursuing a career in the medical field, moving into business, or heading for something equally interesting, your detail-oriented problem-solving skills are valuable. Now, put that brainpower to use and discover how to make cash by selling your science textbooks.

Biology majors

If you’re studying biology, keep an eye out for classes using the Campbell Biology textbook. Not only is it a top seller, it has great resale value. Consider buying textbooks from your classmates at the end of the semester, as well. It’ll save your fellow students time waiting in line at the bookstore, and you can make some extra cash by mailing them in all at once. That’s one convenient side hustle!

Chemistry majors

If you’re a chemistry student, there are a multitude of helpful and valuable textbooks at your disposal. Look for Organic Chemistry and the Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry in particular. These have been top sellers for years at Cash4Books, and hold their value well. Take your academic smarts and use them to make extra cash.

Health Sciences

Anatomy and exercise science are just the beginning when it comes to the health sciences. Textbooks like Human Anatomy & Physiology and Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application are both valuable books to sell.  Look for these textbooks in used bookstores and thrift shops to turn a quick profit. A little extra cash in college goes a long way.

Use the information

When you know your textbooks are valuable, you can use that information to your advantage. Consider getting multiple science prerequisites out of the way next semester so you’ll have more cash awaiting you during the buy-back season. For a more in-depth list of books to sell, check out our top sellers of 2016. Also, head to our homepage and check the ISBNs of your current science textbooks.

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