Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is the scariest time of year, apart from when Aunt Doris makes her awful green bean casserole at Christmas. One thing that shouldn’t be scary is the contents of your wallet (or lack thereof), by spending a ton this holiday. Here’s a guide to a spooky Halloween on a budget!

DIY costumes

An easy way to save money on Halloween is to make your own costume. While purchasing pre-made costumes online or in a store is easy, it can quickly get expensive. Instead, get your creative juices flowing and craft your own. See what you have laying around your house or apartment first. A funny hat you already own could be the perfect start to a costume. Get started with these five cheap DIY ideas.

Cheap party ideas

Instead of spending a ton of cash going out to fancy parties or restaurants this Halloween, try hosting your own event. Having a party doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you follow these suggestions!


Setting the stage for your party is an opportunity to get spooky and creative. Start by checking out your local dollar store, and find some inexpensive spider web cotton. Stretching the cotton across the ceiling, hanging it from doors and picture frames, and draping it across lamps will instantly make your space feel haunted. Lighting is another easy way to set the scene and atmosphere for a party. Cover your table lamps or overhead light with scarves or semi-transparent cloth. This will add another element of spookiness for you and your guests! Use construction paper and string to create your own Happy Halloween banner, or paint pumpkins black for a spooky table centerpiece.

Feed your guests

A great party starts with delicious food! One way to save on food — and to make sure there’s enough for everyone — is to make your party a potluck. Provide a main dish, like sandwiches or hotdogs, and ask your friends to all bring a little something. Create a Facebook event, and have everyone sign up for what they’re bringing. That way you won’t have too much of any one thing. This also works for drinks! Make one large batch of punch, and ask your friends to bring anything else they’d like to drink.

Party activities

Get your party going with some fun activities, such as a photo booth. Set up one space where everyone can take pictures. Create a photo booth area by making a spooky background with cutout paper bats and more cotton spider webs. Gather random props from around your house, and let the photo shoot begin! This is a great, cheap idea for instant party fun.

Try having some classic Halloween party games, too, like bobbing for apples. All you need is a big bowl of water and some apples. Whoever gets one could win a simple prize, like a piece of Halloween candy or a silly prize from the dollar store. Card games and board games are another good party activity, and can add more fun to any evening.

Get started

You now have the secrets to a fun and inexpensive, Halloween! Need a little cash to get started? Head to cash4books.net and sell your textbooks. You’ll get all the money you need for a fun Halloween night.

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