The Parent’s Guide to Empty Nest Syndrome

When your kids leave for college, graduate school, or to pursue a job, you’re left with an empty nest! With the kids settled in elsewhere, you’ve also just freed up a whole new room in your house. But wait — before you get lost daydreaming about your future home office, gym, or man cave, read our tips for cleaning house, earning cash, and perfecting the empty nest!

The Empty Nest Guide | Cash4Books

Time to sell, sell, sell!

Your child has most likely left behind clothes, books, and a wide variety of “stuff.” Before throwing it out or donating everything, see what can be resold.

Gather their high school or college textbooks and sell them online! Take clothing to a consignment shop or try your hand at eBay. Extra furniture is another symptom of an empty nest. Who needs another twin bed? Try selling it on Craigslist! Now that you have all that extra cash, use it to make your empty nest even more spectacular.

Donation time

Once you’ve sold everything you can, gather stuff up for donation. While Goodwill is a great option, also look into local donation centers. Whatever you donate can be written off during tax season, so make sure you keep a record of everything you donate and get receipts! But the most important part: You’re helping others!

Throw things out

Whatever can’t be sold or donated can go in the trash. While it may feel harsh, a lot of junk can be accumulated over a short time! Make sure you go through papers and records to save what’s important, but don’t be afraid to recycle and throw away the extra stuff.

Cleaning time

With your room empty and devoid of all the junk, you can do a deep clean! Now’s the time to vacuum, sweep, dust, and scrub — the whole shebang! This is also a great time to determine whether the paint is too faded, the carpet too old, or the windows too rickety. When everything is clean, you can look into making larger changes to transform your empty nest.

Make it your dream space

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! When your extra room is empty and clean, you can make it into anything you want. Whether you want a nice guest room for visiting friends, a deluxe home gym, or an open and airy art studio, it’s up to you. Go crazy with a fresh coat of paint, new carpet or flooring, or a change in lighting. It’s your empty nest to do with what you will!

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