10 Ways to Make Your Dorm Magical

We’ve already given you the ultimate packing tips for heading off to school. Now, we’re back at it again with tips to make your dorm comfortable and magical! While you’re at school, your dorm room is home. Being comfortable and relaxed in your dorm is a key to more productivity and less stress. You can get better sleep, study more effectively, and be more relaxed when your space is clean and attractive. Let’s get going!

Make Your Dorm Magical | Cash4Books

1. Display photos of family and friends

Print photos of your loved ones before you leave for school. There are a million ways to display photos, whether framed, pinned to a bulletin board, or pasted together as a collage. Use double-sided tape to attach your photos to the wall, and create cute borders of colored tape. However you choose to display your photos, your room will instantly feel more like home with all the familiar, smiling faces.

2. Get some greenery

Plants and flowers instantly brighten up your room! Try searching for cheap succulents and air plants at stores like Ikea. They’re easy to keep alive, simple to care for, and long lasting. Low maintenance is the best!

3. Extra lighting

Dorm rooms often come equipped with terrible overhead florescent lights. Mix things up by getting string lights or a warm bedside lamp. Warm lighting changes the atmosphere of the room and can instantly make it feel relaxing. There are also ways to create cute string light covers made from egg cartons. Give it a try and set the mood.

4. Don’t ignore the floor

While dorm lighting is bad, dorm floors are worse! Whether it’s cold, hard concrete or linoleum, avoid that unpleasantness and get a fun rug. Not only will it keep your toes warm in the winter, it’ll add a little something extra to your room. Check out local thrift shops or big box stores for cheap rugs. You can even make one yourself from old t-shirts!

5. Cover those walls

There’s nothing worse than blank, empty walls! Get colorful posters to hang, or paint an old sheet to make your own wall tapestry. Since you can’t paint dorm room walls, this is a great way to temporarily add your personal style to the room.

6. Make your dorm smell nice

Smell is an important aspect of relaxation. Since candles are typically banned in dorm rooms, try getting a fragrance diffuser or wax tart warmer. You can choose what scent you like, whether it’s vanilla or cool ocean breeze. Go make your room luxurious!

7. A comfortable bed

Dorm mattresses are terrible, no question about it. Get a plush memory foam bed pad and extra pillows, and treat yourself to a year of better sleep! Sounder sleep means you’ll be more rested when you wake to face the day. Bonus: Since dorms are small, you’ll often end up using your bed as a couch. With extra pillows, your couch-bed will be a hit with friends for movie nights!

8. Invest in a light timer

Instead of coming home to a dark and empty dorm every night, get a cheap light timer and arrive to a warmly lit room. Small changes like this can make all the difference, and a light timer is definitely a homey touch!

9. Microwave cookies

Nothings says homey and magical like fresh baked cookies. Check out these microwave mug cookies and treat yourself — and your roomie — to a “home-cooked” treat!

10. Keep it tidy

Storage is key when you’re living in a small space. Make sure you have an “away” spot for everything. Invest in extra storage bins that fit under your bed. You can also clear up some space in your homey dorm by selling your old textbooks to Cash4Books.

You now have the tips and tricks to create a magical and comfortable dorm room. Get going, and good luck in the new school year!

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