The Top 3 Selling College Textbook Subjects

Top Selling Textbook Subjects | Cash4Books

Now that you know which textbooks are top sellers, what do you do with that information? You could keep an eye out for those specific books to sell, or you could broaden your earning opportunity to the specific subjects and categories that will get you more cash for your books.

Intrigued? Keep reading and find out the top three subjects!

Third place: business

Whether you’re taking intro to accounting or corporate finance, business books are a top seller. Everything from management to real estate essentials is proving to be more lucrative. After pricing over 10 million books in two months, it’s clear we have a smart group of students in the house, most of them with business acumen.

Runner up: nursing

No matter what year in nursing school you are, the program textbooks hold their value well. Need specific titles to keep an eye out for? Be sure to hold onto your “Fundamentals of Nursing” and “Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice” textbooks. Nursing school is expensive, so every dollar helps!

The top selling subject: science

Science subjects are by far the best selling category of textbooks. Everything from biology to environmental science and chemistry books sell well. If you’re considering taking more science classes, you can make major cash selling your books at the end of the semester. Keep that in mind when signing up for fall classes.

How to use this knowledge

Still not clear on how to use this information? Don’t worry. Consider getting all of your business or science classes out of the way next semester. The books hold their value better than novels from your English class. And you can sell them all at once for a good chunk of cash.

Additionally, you can keep an eye out for these subjects in used bookstores and thrift shops so you can turn a quick profit. If you see students waiting in line to sell their books back to the school bookstore, consider buying them and then reselling online to us. Use that business knowledge to bring in the cash.

Be sure to download our mobile apps for both Apple and Android apps so you can scan barcodes and ISBNs on the go. Rake in the cash, and sell your books!

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