The 5 Emotional Stages of Selling Your Textbooks

Good things can come in five stages. For example, did you know that scientists view sleep as a repeated progression of five stages? Who doesn’t enjoy a good night’s sleep (and then some)? People trying to make a change in lifestyle typically follow a 5-stage process to new habits, even if they don’t do it consciously.

Believe it or not, there are even five stages of selling your textbooks for real money. Here are visual representations of the five stages that every Cash4Books user will recognize!

stage one too many books

Stage 1: Overwhelmed by the number of old textbooks you own

“I don’t remember even take that many courses last semester! How do I possibly have this many books still lying around?”

Maybe you want to keep a few for future reading or reference, but you’ll never touch most of your old textbooks ever again. So what can you do about it?


Stage 2 confidence I can do this

Stage 2: Determined to sell all of the textbooks

“Man, these books cost so much money! I should at least try to get some back. I know! I’ll sell them! But how?”

You could go to a campus store, but you don’t know if you’ll be getting a good deal on your books there. And the lines are a drag. You could try using sites like Craigslist or Amazon, but realistically, you’ll probably only sell one course worth of books at a time. There has to be a better way …


Stage 3 sell books onlineStage 3: Relieved when you find Cash4Books online

“There’s no way it’s that easy, right? Is it really that simple? I can’t pass this up!”

Yes, it is that easy. At Cash4Books, not only can you sell all of your books in one go, but you can also get a quick and easy price quote for free — so you know exactly how much cash you’re getting ahead of time.


Stage 4 pack up your books mail them

Stage 4: Satisfaction of packing up your books and mailing them

“See you later, books! Hope someone’s going to get some use out of you in the future!”

The process is simple! Enter the textbooks’ ISBNs either on our web form or with our Apple or Android mobile apps. Print out the labels and mail us your books for free. When we get your books, you get the money. It couldn’t be easier.


Stage 5Stage 5: Celebrating with your newfound cash!

“This is great! I could put this cash toward concert tickets, or a new video game system, or …”

That’s it! There’s nothing else left to do. You’ve got the cash, and it’s yours to use —however you want!

These feelings might seem familiar to you if you’ve used Cash4Books before! If so, spread the love to friends and make even more cash with our affiliate program. If you’re new to Cash4Books, let’s help you get to Stages 4 and 5 ASAP. Come sell your books for cash today!

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