7 Top Camping Spots to Experience This Summer

7 Top Camping Spots | Cash4Books

If you’re someone who’s always up for adventure, you know just how to avoid spending the summer cooped up indoors. You don’t need a high roller’s vacation budget to have a ridiculously fun time closer to home. Here are seven of the most beautiful camping spots to hit up before fall semester comes around. With so many places to explore in every corner of the country, it’s time to gear up and get out there to enjoy the sunny season with your friends!

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Southern California: Sycamore Canyon Campground

Want to escape to the wilderness without leaving the city too far behind? This campground is a favorite, but not so popular that it’s lost its charm! Enjoy a fun campfire on the beach along with a nice, leisurely hike when you visit this spot just outside of Los Angeles.

Northern California: Hidden Springs Campground

This campground sort of gives away its secret with the whole “hidden springs” name, but it’s still far enough off the beaten path to be a gem to find. Reviews of this place say it reminds them of the Okeechobee and it’s views. This one’s a winner for sure, with a super-fun swimming hole and a cozy spot among the huge redwoods of the Avenue of the Giants.

Texas: Palo Duro Canyon State Park

The Grand Canyon gets all the sightseeing love among summer vacationers. But did you know the second-largest canyon in the U.S. is stunning as well? Situated in the Texas panhandle, the beautiful red rock and rugged desert vibes will not disappoint.

Florida: Anastasia State Park

Who’d go camping in Florida without seeking out a pretty beach scene for lazy afternoons? Miles and miles of gorgeous beach make this spot the perfect Florida destination. Surfing, kayaking, and blanket picnics are all in the cards for campers here.

New York: Saranac Lake Islands

The Big Apple will feel light-years away when you stay on your own tiny, private island. The perfect spot for sailors, the interconnected waterways of Sanarac Lake are the perfect way to find your own piece of paradise for a day or two.

Pennsylvania: Lackawanna State Park

Have you come this far in life without ever staying in a yurt? Well, it’s not too late. Enjoy a taste of the glamping experience by being in the great outdoors while still protected from the elements more than if you were in a tent. Your yurt near the lake is a quick jaunt from boating, fishing, and more lakeside shenanigans.

Illinois: Garden of the Gods Recreation Area

Nestled in the Shawnee National Forest, this wooded wonderland has everything you need for a dreamy forest getaway with your pals. Several rocky peaks along the hiking trails offer wide-open views of the surrounding natural wonder.

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