6 Ultimate Summer Life Hacks

Ultimate Summer Life Hacks

Summer is in full swing. Time to rejoice with a bit of fun in the sun, a road trip with your besties, or a silly spa and video game day at home. (Who says you can’t play Mario Kart with cucumbers on your eyes?) While you’re busy scheming up all the ways you’ll make the most of summer, here are our top Cash4Books life hacks to maximize your fun.

1. Use Doritos as kindling

They do have a fiery appearance, after all! It turns out these little triangles of nacho goodness also have fire-starting power in kindling emergencies. Remember to use the pyramid or lean-to technique for a successful fire to make sure not a chip is wasted. And of course, practice great fire safety!

2. Beat the air conditioner crowd

Don’t wait until the hottest day of the year to finally splurge on an air conditioner. Your whole neighborhood might do the same thing and strip the shelves bare before you get to the store! Find free or cheap shipping online, buy a unit ahead of time before it gets too hot, and kick back in the cool indoor breeze.

3. Make coffee ice cubes

What’s better than an ice cube in the summer? A caffeinated ice cube in the summer! Just make sure to use cold brew coffee. Otherwise, you could end up melting all your hard work with a scalding pour from the percolator. The iced coffee summer hacks are endless.

4. While you’re at it, make aloe ones, too

You can cool your sunburn after a long day of kayaking or riding with the top down with ice-cold aloe cubes. Just don’t confuse these with your coffee ice cubes. That’s just bad mixology.

5. Bring a fitted sheet to the beach

Be a boss at the beach with a fitted sheet. Turn it upside down and set coolers or other items in the corners. This way, the sides of the sheet will stand straight up and form a barrier against unwanted sand traction. Take that, sand!

6. Turn your textbooks into cash

Don’t let your textbooks languish on your desk all summer long when you could be turning them into cash! Check out Cash4Books’ quick mobile barcode-scanning app, or input your ISBNs directly on our website. You’ll get a quote and a free shipping label.

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