7 Ultimate Tips for Getting the Most Cash for Your Textbooks

Get The Most Cash for Your Textbooks

You’re a diligent student. You buy the textbooks required for every class, study hard, and learn a lot every semester. But once those finals are done and you’re raking in those 4.0 transcripts, you’re left with a stack of textbooks you’re unlikely to ever use again. With so many options out there for how you can sell your textbooks for cash, it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s your guide to getting the most cash for your textbooks in just a few easy steps!

1. Treat your textbooks right

Highlighting is a great study habit — especially if you’re one to keep color-coded, superbly organized notes! The problem is highlighting in your books seriously devalues their buyback potential. To save your textbooks from the highlighter, all you need to do is photocopy the sections of the book you’ll need, and highlight those instead. You can also use sticky-notes or other bookmarks instead of dog-earing pages.

2. Protect your textbooks from the elements

There are easy ways to protect your textbooks from the elements. On rainy days, find a way to waterproof your backpack. Use cloth or paper textbook covers to keep corners sharp and surfaces free of scuffs. These little considerations go a long way toward getting you the most cash for your textbooks.

3. Keep those snacks at a distance

The reality of balancing the fun of college with a heavy course load is that you’ll find yourself studying all times of day (and night). You’ll likely enjoy quite a few meals and beverages during study sessions, which can put your books’ condition in danger. Keep your coffee lidded, and snack at a safe distance from the pages.

4. Be smart about where you store textbooks

It’s easy to come home after a long day of classes and throw the contents of your backpack onto the desk to be forgotten until you need them again. Leaving books out in high-traffic areas of your home means there’s an increased chance of spills. Plus, the whole “dog ate my homework” excuse really does happen from time to time. If you’re tucking a book away to sell in a few weeks or months, keep it somewhere cool and dry. No, the bathroom is probably not the best place.

5. Sell during the right times of year

They say timing is everything. Selling your used textbooks is no exception! The best time to sell your books is when demand is at its highest. Because of the lifecycle of textbook buying and selling, the best months to get back the most cash for your books are July, August, and January.

6. Don’t settle for the university bookstore

If you’ve ever set foot in your university bookstore, you know it’s often a total waiting game. You can skip the line — and better your chances of finding more cash — by selling your textbooks online instead. Online buyback means you can sell your books 24 hours a day without hassle, whenever it’s convenient for you.

7. Use Cash4Books for a fast, simple buyback

Cash4Books gives you tons of ways to sell your textbooks back for the most cash. From barcode-scanning mobile apps to monthly bonus codes for extra cash back, we’re always finding new ways to put more money in college students’ hands for their quality used books. You earn even more cash through our affiliate program by spreading the word to your friends.

There’s so much information out there about how to capitalize on those used textbooks. But with these seven quick tips at your disposal, you’ll be on your way to a thicker wallet to help with all those college expenses in no time!

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