Survival Guide: How to Savor Your Final Weeks of College

Survive Your Final Weeks of College

So you’re almost ready to move on to bigger and better things, but you want to make the most of your final weeks of college? You’re not alone. Some students get a serious case of senioritis. For them, landing that first post-college job or apartment can’t come soon enough.

But there are also a lot of students for whom college has been an eye-opening and unforgettable experience, and they want to savor the end of what’s been an awesome, life-changing few years. Here are some ways to soak up all the wonderful things about the last few weeks of college:

1. Organize an event with your closest friends

At this point in the game, you probably know which two or three (or seven!) friendships you’ll be taking with you after college. Think about the people with whom you’ve had late-night studying sessions, pajama dance parties, and a growing collection of nonsensical inside jokes.

In addition to the larger events leading up to graduation, take some time to cook a meal together, go to a movie, or otherwise celebrate the end of college in the way only your friend squad would.

2. Live in the moment

It’s too easy to let the final weeks of college whiz by when your mind is spinning with the next steps in your future. While it’s great to focus on landing your next job or picking a new city to call home, try to slow down and enjoy the little things as much as you can.

Take a stroll to your well-travelled spots on campus, pay a visit to the offices of your favorite professors to say your goodbyes, and consider accepting invitations to any end-of-the-semester gatherings that will help you take it all in.

3. Say sayonara to your student gear

You might be trading in that backpack for a briefcase soon, as well as making the much-welcome shift from cafeteria food to more sophisticated culinary habits. While you’re busy taking a last good look around your dorm room and trading contact info with your classmates, consider adding a little cash to your wallet for post-college pursuits by selling your textbooks through Cash4Books.

You definitely won’t regret stepping off campus with a bit of extra money to start you life’s next pursuit. Selling your textbooks to Cash4Books is as easy as inputting their ISBNs and printing a return-shipping label. So go ahead and cash in while you revel in your final weeks of college!

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