The Cure for Senioritis

Beat senioritis with these tips.

With midterms and spring break behind us, the end of the semester is creeping up slowly, which means this is the prime time for senioritis to strike. But don’t let it! By staying vigilant and motivated to the end, you can stop senioritis in its tracks — and still graduate with your sanity intact.

Here are our top ways to beat senioritis

  1. Take a pass/fail class
    If your workload is getting out of hand, consider taking a pass/fail class. Letter grades for courses don’t affect job opportunities or graduate school applications, especially if the class isn’t in your major. Give it some thought!
  2. Venture off campus
    The college experience is quite insular, creating a bubble of people you know and experiences you’re familiar with. Try breaking outside the bubble. Volunteer at a local nonprofit, check out some local restaurants, or spend time at a nearby public park instead of on campus.
  3. Spend time with friends
    The end of the semester is stressful. The idea of leaving behind friends as you venture out into the workforce or graduate school is daunting and can lead to senioritis. Instead of worrying about it, make an effort to spend as much time as possible with your friends. Go out of your way to meet new people and form bonds that will last past graduation.
  4. Explore your artistic side
    Another way to get motivated is to explore a new interest. Try learning how to paint, dance, or play an instrument. Want to try the violin? Now’s a great time! Finding an avenue for your creativity can help keep you motivated and beat senioritis.
  5. Take a mini vacation
    Take a mini weekend trip with your friends! You could head to the beach, go camping, or take a short road trip. A break from campus can help you reset your attitude, and give you something to look forward to. Be sure to check out these cheap vacation ideas for students.
  6. Get active
    Kick senioritis to the curb by trying a new exercise routine. You can take a Yoga or Pilates class at your campus gym, or join an intramural sports team. Finding a physical outlet for your stress and energy is vital to staying motivated and excited about school.
  7. Stay organized
    It’s tempting to let things go toward the end of the semester and procrastinate more. Instead, focus on staying organized and on top of assignments. Keep a calendar, make a list, and stick to a schedule.
  8. Apply for jobs
    Look toward the future to stay motivated. If you haven’t started applying to jobs, give it a go! Use these tips to prepare for your first interview and land a job.
  9. Treat yourself
    You’re almost done with college! Congratulations! Instead of being stressed about leaving school, or apathetic about your final semester, aim to be happy and excited. Whether splurging on good food, a new haircut, or a new outfit, treat yourself — you deserve it! And snag extra cash for yourself by selling your textbooks!

Now, seize the moment, and enjoy your last few weeks of school. Senioritis doesn’t stand a chance!

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