Interview Tips for Graduate School and Beyond

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Have you begun planning for your future? Pondering your life after undergrad? Are you looking for a new job?

One of the most stressful, yet promising, times in a college student’s life is when they’re no longer a college student. What’s next? We know it’s a hard question, but Cash4Books has your back!

Interviewing is a part life. Whether you’re applying to graduate school or your first job after college, or are considering a career change, these interviewing tips will help you prepare for life’s next journey!

Practical Interview Tips

  • Answer practice questions. Be prepared to talk about yourself and your experience. There are countless example questions available online, but be sure to check out these behavioral interview sample questions. Employers want to know how specific examples from prior experience will help you fill a new role. Meanwhile, schools will look for examples of hard work and dedication as evidence that you’ll be motivated and committed to their graduate program.
  • Research the company or school in advance. You should always go into the interview with background knowledge on the school program, the company, or the job. Check out their website, press releases, and their social media presence. Prove that your skills fit with what they’re looking for. Research is key!
  • Be professional. Professionalism manifests in how you act, your tone in emails, and your physical appearance. Being overdressed never hurt anyone, but behaving and dressing too casually indicates you don’t care as much about the opportunity.
  • Be yourself. Always remember to let the real you shine through during your interview. Your personality and experience are important, and letting your interviewer see that will do wonders!
  • Pack light. When going to your interview, don’t get loaded down with multiple bags or a bulky coffee cup. Having too much stuff can make you appear frazzled or disorganized. Just take the necessities! (Bonus: A pen in your pocket makes you look prepared.)
  • Arrive early to your interview. Forget arriving on time; arrive to your interview 5 to 10 minutes early. Your eagerness and preparedness will not go overlooked.
  • Get sleep beforehand. Don’t stay out late the night before your interview. Make sure you spend time preparing, and then hit the hay early! You don’t want to look tired or haggard during the interview. If you seem distracted or exhausted it can indicate disinterest in the job or educational opportunity.
  • Ask questions! Nearly every interviewer will ask if you have any questions. Prepare at least three questions in advance (or more in case you forget one). Questions often arise during your research phase, so jot them down for later. Here are some great example questions to ask at the end of your interview.
  • Send a thank you note. While it might seem old-fashioned, sending a thank-you note makes a huge difference. In addition to an email, send a simple card thanking your interviewer for their time.

You are now a little more prepared to succeed at that interview! Now go do more research, and good luck!

Be sure to check back with our blog for more tips, updates, and bonus codes.

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