5 Christmas Crafts to Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

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Welcome to winter break! It’s time to get in the holiday spirit and relax during your reprieve from school. If you’ve already perused our list of ways to make the most of your visit home for the holidays, check out these crafting projects to get you feeling even more festive. Crafting is a great way to spend time with your family and decorate for the holidays, without breaking the bank.

Now, who’s ready to relax with some fun Christmas crafts?

Paper Snowflakes:paper snowflakes

We’ve all been making paper snowflakes since grade school, but here’s a new twist on it. After you’ve made an assortment of snowflakes, tie them together with thin string to form a pretty garland, or tie to a piece of wood or wire for a gorgeous snowflake mobile! There are countless beautiful things to create and your house will look amazing decked out in these paper creations. Here are some fun ideas for snowflake patterns if you need help getting started.

pipecleaner snowflakePipe cleaner snowflakes:

A new take on DIY snowflakes is here! Use white pipe cleaners instead of paper, and create cute, festive ornaments for your tree. Simply twist the pipe cleaners together and trim the edges to the desired length. You can even hot glue some sequins or beads on your snowflake to give it some sparkle. Hang it on a ribbon, and put it on your tree. For more instructions and ideas, check out this tutorial!

Painted pinecone crafts:pinecones

When you have a pile of pinecones and some paint, the crafting possibilities are endless. If you paint a small pinecone gold and hang it from a red ribbon, you instantly have a classy ornament for your Christmas tree. Paint several of them and string them together for a festive garland, or paint the tips of each cone white for a snow-kissed table centerpiece. These cute decorations are cheap (or free if you have pine trees nearby) and bring out the holiday cheer! Find more pinecone crafts here.

party crackersParty crackers:

Christmas crackers are one of the best things about Christmas dinner, right? These fun, loud party favors filled with jokes, gifts, and treats are the making of a great party. Now, you can make them yourself, and fill them with whatever you want! Here’s a great tutorial on crafting your own crackers. All you need now is to decide what to fill them with. Gag gifts anyone??

Mason jar snow globes:snow globe

If you’re looking to make a festive piece of décor, a Mason jar snow globe is a great choice! Not only are they adorable, they’re easy to make, highly customizable, inexpensive, and can also be given as gifts (especially to kids). Here’s a fun tutorial on how to make your own snow globe.


Get in the holiday spirit with paper, glue, paint, and glitter. It’s time to craft!

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