Quick Ways to Make Money Before the Holidays

Quick Ways to Make Money Before the Holidays

The holidays are RIGHT around the corner with finals week and dead week taking their toll. But don’t worry; Cash4Books is here for you. Take a break from studying and prepare financially for the winter break.

Take a look at these amazing ways to make quick cash before the holidays.

Sell Your Old Clothes:
Fashion is constantly changing, and with the sharing economy becoming ever more popular, selling your clothes online gets easier every day. Apps and companies like Poshmark, Twice, and Grailed, make it easy to buy and sell your clothes online. Give it a try, and make some money!

Sell Your Class Notes:
Your class notes are priceless, and your classmates know it! Ask around if anyone is taking any of your current courses next semester, and sell them your notes! It’s an easy way to make a few bucks. If you can’t find a classmate looking to buy them, check out online resources like NoteUtopia and Notesale instead.

Sell Your Used Textbooks:
Another easy way to make cash before the holidays is to sell your textbooks. With finals over, you’re free from classes, which means you’ll never need those books again. Head over to our homepage, input your book ISBNs, and we’ll give you an instant price quote for your books. Get ready to sell, sell, sell!

House and Pet Sit:
House and pet sitting is a very lucrative business! If you’re trustworthy, responsible, and love animals, it’s definitely the job for you. Gather references, write up a bio about yourself, and try posting an ad on your local university job board or bulletin board. You could also consider joining an online group to get started, such as MindMyHouse and TrustedHousesitters.

Participate in School Research Experiments:
Being a lab rat isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, it’s pretty cool! Participating in university research experiments often just involves taking surveys or answering questions. Not to mention the money you’ll make! Whether it’s $20 or $50, that easy cash can go a long way. Check out your school’s science department, psychology department, or one of these online survey-taking resources.

There are countless ways to make money before the holidays, but these quick tips will be sure to keep your wallet padded throughout the winter season. Now, decide which ways you should make holiday cash, and go finish those finals!

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