Lifehack Guide: 4 Tips That Will Save You Cash


There are tons of ways to save cash, some of which you may never have considered!

Here are four lifehacks for saving money that you can customize for your personal use!

1. Adjust Your Thermostat

An incredibly easy, money saving lifehack is to adjust your thermostat. Try raising the maximum temperature in the summer and lowering it in the winter. Energy companies, like PGE, suggest similar strategies to save money in warm and cold weather. It’s ok to bundle up a bit at home, especially with all those cozy sweaters you’ve pulled out of storage for the winter season! Experiment a bit and see what temperature you’re comfortable with. Is 75 in the summer too hot, or just right? Is 65 in the winter too cold? Adjusting your heat and air conditioning is an easy way to save a chunk of change, and some small adjustments can make a big difference over time. Keep in mind that you don’t have to freeze or overheat to save money this way, just try changing it a few degrees. You’d be surprised how quickly it adds up!

2. Sell Your Old Devices

Don’t let your old electronics lay around unused and gathering dust. There’s no point in letting them get old. Instead, make easy cash by selling them to online technology buyback programs! You can even put that cash toward buying a new phone, iPad, or anything you want! After all, it is YOUR money…

3. Set Up A Carpool

Make it a goal to carpool more and drive solo less often. Does one of your co-workers live nearby? Set up a carpool and alternate days you drive. Cutting back the number of miles you drive instantly saves on gas, as well as long-term maintenance for your car. It’s also a way to get to know someone new and socialize on your commute. Don’t have any coworkers nearby? Take a look at different carpool apps, like Carma and Hitch-A-Ride. Try it out!

4. Find Coupons and Bonus Codes

It’s time to get savvy with coupons! Online coupons and bonus codes are a great way to save money on products you’re already planning on purchasing. At Cash4Books, we have a monthly bonus code that adds additional, free cash onto your total order value! It’s a great way to make easy money selling books you don’t want or need. Additionally, there are countless coupons sites available that promote wonderful savings on everyday items.

Hurray for lifehacks! Remember, making small changes in your purchasing activity or transportation plans can save you major cash in the long run. Think of all that money you could save! All you need to do now is decide what to spend it on. Enjoy!

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