What Your Favorite Class Says About You…


Here at Cash4Books, we want to help you settle in at school as best we can. We’ve helped you pack, ace your test, and get the most out of college!

Now, it’s time to start picking a major. Need help with that? No problem!

Your favorite class says a lot about you, and could be helpful in picking a major. Read on to get insight into yourself, and your friends!

As a history buff, you are patient and stubborn; you have to be in order to complete all those long, intense, and sometimes boring readings for class. You’re also thoughtful, contemplative, and have a great memory (seriously, your recall on dates is awesome, and you can write an annotated bibliography at the drop of a hat – it’s your party trick). You do get annoyed when people question your favorite class. After all, you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.

If economics is your favorite subject, you must be an analytical and driven individual. You have an eye for politics and an interest in the stock market. With your vast understanding of how the market shifts, you sometimes find yourself getting into arguments at the pub about current trends. Also, you actually love group projects! Seriously, you’re really good at them!

You’re a chemistry fan, which means you’re definitely detail oriented and a total problem solver. You might be considering med school after graduation, or maybe research. Large life questions don’t faze you, since you’re AWESOME at handling stress.

If you’re an English major, or love journalism, you’re probably an intense individual. You don’t do anything halfway, and often find yourself correcting your friends’ grammar. You are opinionated and fast to explain your point of view. Debates are the best!

Fine Art
It takes a creative soul to pursue the fine arts. You love art, and your unique perspective on life is an asset when expressing ideas in new ways. While people sometimes make fun of your favorite class – you know the truth: you’re a happy and centered individual for pursuing your passions! Here comes the next Picasso!

As a computer science lover, everyone comes to you for tech help, even though that’s not part of the class at all. You rock your nerd badge proudly! All those long hours you’ve put in will pay off soon.

Biology students are used to stress. Stress is what you were built for. You’re typically good with people and understand the world around you, even if you don’t understand yourself. You’re probably going to go on to become a doctor or something equally cool, since you’re so committed and resilient.

Foreign Languages
You’re a free spirit! You love to travel and adore meeting new people with different experiences. Your passion for language transcends barriers, and lets you experience different cultures in a new way.

Psychology fans are great listeners, good with people, intuitive, and love drawing conclusions about human behavior. Does this sound like you? How does that make you feel? Remember, try not to read too much Freud before bed…

Now that you have a look inside each major, it’s up to you to decide. Hit the books, and figure out what you like the most!

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