5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Cheap!


Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get your costume ready! The internet is full of great costume ideas, but finding the right one can be tricky.

Buying costumes online gets expensive, and making one at home can get time-consuming. Here at Cash4Books, we always have ideas for saving you money, but this time we found a way to save you money AND time with these 5 DIY Halloween costumes.

Check out our costume ideas and prepare for a spooky Halloween!

#1 Halloween Classics

Ghosts, vampires, and witches are all wonderful costumes, and they also don’t have to break the bank. Snag an old sheet and play up the silly, kitschy nature of the classic ghost. Alternately, you can get a cheap pair of vampire fangs, some fake blood (or ketchup) and talk in a crazy accent all night. Do you have a witch hat? Wear all black, don the hat, and you’re done! Classic Halloween costumes are a fun, easy, and cheap way to go.

#2 Start with an Accessory

For this costume idea, you should find a crazy accessory you already own and build your costume around it. If you have a funny wig, goofy classes, or an awesome jacket, roll with it! Use your colorful old windbreaker and rock the ‘80s look. Those nerdy glasses come in handy for many costumes, including the classic nerd, and any crazy wig can be the start of a clown costume. Get going!

#3 Wear Crazy Makeup

A cheap makeup set from the costume store can go a long way and is a great start to your costume. Consider options like a fox, deer, or even grumpy cat! Doing crazy makeup means the rest of your costume can be downplayed, which is a plus. You might want to practice putting your makeup mask on in advance; practice makes perfect.

#4 “Punny” Ideas

Consider something clever and simple, like a pun based costume! Put on a pig nose and carry around a blanket for an instant “pig in a blanket” costume. Go as a “smarty pants,” and glue small packages of Smarties to an old pair of sweatpants. The possibilities here are endless, and lots of fun at a party.

#5 Masquerade Mask Time

When all else fails, go for a fun and crazy masquerade mask. You definitely don’t need to buy a fancy or expensive mask. Instead, start with some cardboard, paper, glitter, feathers, or even flowers! Cut out a mask base from cardboard or paper and then add your decorations! (The more glitter, the better.) Pair it with a nice outfit, whether it’s a cute dress or a button up with slacks.

With all these DIY costume ideas, how will you ever decide what to wear? Have a spooky Halloween!

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