Sell Your Books on the Go


Students are busy.

With so many classes, clubs, sports, and tests, you’re always on the go. We want you to make the most of your college experience, and we’d like to help you do it!

Students also need more cash.

Considering all those activities on your plate, finding time for a job can be tricky. That’s where Cash4Books comes in handy. By selling last semester’s textbooks, we give you cash for the things that really matter (like tons of coffee, or a year’s worth of ramen).

And now, with our mobile app, we’ve been able to simplify life for you busy students who also need extra cash!

When you download the app, you can check your book prices on the go. If you’re at the school bookstore, you can compare our prices to theirs. Additionally, if your bookstore only buys back books at the end of the semester, you can sell them online through Cash4Books year-round.

Snag your extra cash on the go with these four easy steps!

  1. Download the Cash4Books app on your Apple or Android device.
  2. Check book prices by scanning the barcode or entering the ISBN.
  3. The app will keep track of your scanned books, so when you’re ready to sell, you can easily print our mailing label and mail us your books for free.
  4. When we get the books, you get paid!

Think of all the things you can buy with your extra money: brand new soccer shoes, an awesome Halloween costume, or maybe some nice new notebooks for your science class. It’s up to you! Download the app today to start emptying your bookshelf and filling up your wallet.

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