Summer Textbooks = Fall Cash: 3 Reasons to Sell Your Used Textbooks

Sell your used textbooks for fall cash

Did you just realize you still have last year’s textbooks?

Don’t let them just gather dust. Read below for 3 reasons on why selling your used textbooks will help you start the school year off right.

Reason #1: Less Textbooks = More Space

Space is a precious commodity in college dorms. You only have one shelf, a desk, and a small closet to fill with your stuff. That’s a tall order when you want to bring your summer AND winter wardrobes as well as your extensive video game library. Where are your Harry Potter books supposed to go when your old Chemistry textbooks are taking up shelf space? Sell those books, and free up your dorm room real estate for the stuff that really matters.

Reason #2: More Cash = Money for New Textbooks

As we’re all aware, new textbooks are expensive. However, saving cash from last year’s books can make a good dent in the cost of new books. Biology can be traded out for Chemistry 101, while Macroeconomics can be sold for your new Ancient History book. Information is easily available in the world of the Internet, so you don’t need to keep your textbooks to maintain that knowledge. Sell those books, and make way for this semester’s workload.

Reason #3: Extra Cash = Fun Fall Activities

Fall is one of our favorite seasons and having extra cash on hand is never a bad thing. Think of all the fun adventures that await you this fall: pumpkin patch trips, corn maze endeavors, and Halloween costumes! Seriously, who doesn’t want an awesome costume for Halloween this year? Fall is also the season of the pumpkin spice lattes. By selling your old textbooks, you could secure enough cash to get a whole season’s worth of tasty pumpkin beverages.

Ready to sell your used textbooks? We thought so! Head over to our homepage and input the ISBNs of your used books. We’ll give you a price quote and you can ship them to us for free.

If you’re still not convinced to sell your used textbooks, check out some of our other money saving resources, including our tips to turn trash into cash and lifehacks to make you money. We’re committed to helping you save cash, so stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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