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College Textbook Theft

College textbook

Your textbook. An easy target for on campus thieves. Photo credit: Scott Feldstein,

For college students, it should be no surprise that money, cell phones, and bicycles often catch the eye of on-campus thieves. However, there is an often overlooked item that can be just as valuable but not as closely guarded: college textbooks.

Even though the cost is high for college textbooks, they are often not protected in the same way as a cell phone or bicycle. For cell phones, we buy protective cases, phone insurance, and constantly keep them close to us. We buy expensive locks to ensure that our bikes can’t be easily taken. But can you say you take the same measures for your college textbook?

College textbooks are an easy target for thieves. With the bookstore often located nearby, they don’t even have to leave campus to cash them in. In fact, the college bookstore is often the most common target of textbook theft!

Start Protecting Your Textbooks Today

Here are 3 easy tips to start protecting your textbooks:

  • Think of your textbooks as currency. That is how thieves view them, and you should to. Would you leave $200 sitting on the table at the library? Of course not! But this happens daily with textbooks.
  • Always lock your dorm room or locker. Whether you live on campus or are just renting a locker, be sure to always lock up your belongings. If a thief can’t easily get to it, they’re likely to move on to an easier target.
  • Mark your textbooks. Create a unique marking inside of your books. For example, maybe you draw a smiley face and your initials on very last page. This will let you know that it truly is your textbook should you find it. Writing your name in the cover is okay, but these are often looked for and easily crossed out.

Cash4Books Textbook Recovery Program

We empower our employees to be aware and mindful of textbook theft. We do our best not to purchase any textbooks we believe to be stolen.

Has your textbook recently been stolen? Let us know and we will keep an eye out if anyone tries to sell it to us. Simply fill out our stolen textbook recovery form, and we’ll be on the lookout for incoming books that match your description.

Do you have more questions about textbook safety? Leave a comment below or contact us today.

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